What matters most?

In the swirling miasma of the lottery, the Puppetmaster, lying Congressmen, and politicians who place expediency above ethics, it can be hard to know which particular form of political sleaze matters most. And while I find myself getting caught up in all of them at various times, crushing the Bush Family Crime Ring is the driving force behind my political life right now.

The Boy Pundits in Raleigh reminded me again this morning of how radicalized I have become by AWOL George.

I remember when Republican Clinton-haters chortled over reports that military personnel privately didn’t like or respect that Commander-in-Chief.

Now that six retired generals – including commanders in Iraq – are publicly criticizing Don Rumsfeld (and, by logical extension, this Commander-in-Chief), we hear a different tune. We hear how important it is to respect civilian authority in defense matters. I’ll let the irony speak for itself.

But I’ll add: at least that draft-dodging Democratic President didn’t get us into a killing field the way this draft-dodging Republican President has.

I don't usually find much to like in what Pearce has to say, but his last paragraph drives a stake through the heart of the matter. But Bush didn't just "get" us into a killing field. He LIED us into a killing field. Yet even in the face of a mountain of sad evidence, Republican apologists continue to make excuses for his criminal incompetence. The only comment on Pearce's post is from a
Bushbot named Stegall.

By the way, Generals Myers and Franks have each made convincing rebuttals to the remarks of the six complainers.

The six complainers? Convincing rebuttals? Give me a fucking break.

Do you see what we're up against here? Mindless true believers who still don't get that it's wrong to blow up another country to get their oil based on the whim of a draft-dodging liar. This is why I spend my time and my life trying to help win back Congress. I personally don't give a shit if we unseat Taylor or Hayes or McHenry or Foxx or Coble or whoever. They're all interchangeable Republican criminals to me. They all are supporting the Bush Reign of Terror. They are all complicit in a murderous war.


It's a good thing I'm a pacifist.

Because deep down inside, I really would like to blow some people away. This is one big difference between progressives and wingers. They're happy to kill pretty much anyone to get their way.