North Carolina Veterans' Caucus

Already busy as a senior
prosecutor serving in Robeson County, Danny was invited to speak at the
Democratic Party state convention. The topic of speech was the North
Carolina Veterans Caucus. Britt, who returned from Iraq in August, is a
member and officer in the North Carolina Veterans Caucus, an auxiliary
organization to the North Carolina Democratic Party. According to US
Census reports 56% of eligible voters who were non veterans turned out to
vote in 2004, compared to 76 Percent of eligible voters who were veterans.
We need to act as a party to reach out to those veterans in the state and
bring them into the fold of the party. The Democratic party is the party
of the people, the party of inclusion and needs to serve as the party that
supports the heart and soul of the military, said Britt in a speech
delivered before a crowd of close to 1000 at the Richmond County Community
College Auditorium. North Carolina has close to 100,000 veterans who
currently reside in the state and that number is continuously growing.
Britt also took time to recognize life long democrat Dr. Delilah Blanks
from Bladen County, who was also asked to stand and receive an ovation and
recognition for her work with the Democratic Party. Also, in attendance was
Bladen County Democratic Party Chair, Wes Johnson. “I was very proud to
see a Bladen County native deliver a speech at the Executive Committee. It
is those of us who are young and active in the Party who are the future of
the Democratic Party here in Bladen County.” The speech centering on
Britt’s time spent in Iraq and his commitment to the Veterans Caucus was
very moving to all those in attendance. Britt currently serves as a
Captain in the North Carolina Army National Guard and has been in the
military since 1996 when he enlisted as a private. Currently his plans
are to remain in the military until retirement. In his position as
District Attorney he handles all sorts of cases from first degree murder
down to the lower class felonies. To anyone wishing to retrieve
information regarding the Veterans Caucus you should visit


North Carolina Veterans' Caucus

Thanks. I think we need to start meeting more often and since we are all so far apart could try and do it online by video conference. What are your thoughts? Email me offline and I will shoot you some more ideas that I have on how the caucus can get involved.

His speach was impressive

Glad you brought this here. The numbers you quote are surprising, I would have thought that NC is the home of more than 100K vets.

A point that he made that should be made more often was that Active Duty and Vets often vote Republican because they have always held that Dems won't fund them and their care. The truth of this certainly must be sinking home by now.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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I'd guess that about half of the regulars here at BlueNC are veterans (including me). We're hungry for ways to help mobilize veterans in ways that would touch and inspire the significant number of military personnel and families in our state. Of course, we also have a lot of other issues we're scrambling with too.

If you want to use BlueNC as a secondary platform in addition to NCVets for pushing at least part of the veteran's agenda, I would welcome that. Feel free to cross-post as often as you want.

Thank you for stopping in.

Veterans' Caucus

I was not sure if you were already a member but if not would you please sign up. Are you the person I met shortly after I finished my speech.

Thanks for posting this

I didn't know this organization existed.


770,000 is the actual number. The number in the article was a typo. I sincerely apologize for the error.

That sounds more like it!

I think the Veterans Caucus is a wonderful idea. I'm sorry I missed your speech on Saturday - but this is an idea whose time is way past due.

Thanks for the work you're doing.

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Veterans' Caucus

Today I met with a name by the name of Harold Hunt. Mr. Hunt, a veteran of the Vietnam War is a member of the Lumbee Indian Tribe is actively involved with several Veterans' organizations. He is active with the Lumbee Warrior Association, the VFW; National American Indian Veterans are just a few of many. He was given information about the Caucus and was very energetic and enthused about the organization and its potential. He intends to spread the message about the organization to his many other groups and will allow myself the platform to promote our organization with them as well. This week has been a long step in the right direction and the birth of something truly great. I encourage anyone interested to contact me at

Glad you came to BlueNC Dan

this is another great forum to get your message out.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Veterans' Caucus

I totally agree. I also learned today that not only are there 4500 veterans in the County I currently live and work in but there are almost 70,000 in my Congressional District.

Living as I do on the edge of Ft. Bragg

I can't even imagine the number of veterans that live here in Moore Co. How did you find the information?

If you'd ever like to come speak here, please contact me, and I'll help set it up.

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There's a county Veteran's Services dept. I believe they have a pretty good idea who they are.

I bet you're right.

File that one under "duh" for me. Thanks.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi