Minority Leader John Boehner Loses His Sanity in Front of Cameras

We've gloated a bit about the implosion of the Republican party, but watching a grown man lose his sanity in front of television cameras uncomfortable to watch. CSpan has the entire 13 minute press conference where Boehner raises his voice and then proceeds to insult the personal appearances of several reporters in the group. The following is the video of Boehner slurring his speech and raising his voice.

We have another bill coming through here, two bills that seek to try to put the federal government in charge of deciding what salaries of employees ought to be.

This is -- this is just out of control. AND SOMEBODY'S GOT TO JUST SAY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! [pounding the podium].

I unfortunately watch most of John Boehner's press conferences shown on CSPAN and I'm used to hearing him slur his speech. I've never heard him raise his voice. While I've often wondered whether he had been drinking, this is the first time I've immediately thought the man was drunk.

According to CNN, Boehner is known for teasing members of the press about their hair, but some felt it went too far this time.

He quickly singled out a young print reporter, telling him, "You really do need to do something with that hair of yours."

He went on to finish his opening comments, but before calling on the same reporter, saying, "Get a brush, would ya?"

When Boehner called on the next reporter, he referred to him as "the bald guy."

When a female reporter, wearing her long hair pulled back, Boehner couldn't resist: "...What's wadded up in the back of your head?"

Some reporters chuckled, but others thought the GOP leader was being a little harsh.

Boehner continued his hair assessment, saying, "It looks so nice hanging down. It looks like you got up a little late and decided that, you know, I just wadded up the back. For those of you that don't know about me and ponytails, males get it — males get it just as bad as females."

As reporters walked out of the press conference, one asked Boehner's press secretary what she put in the Republican leader's coffee this morning.

I would feel sorry for the man, but I'm saving my compassion for people who haven't willfully worked to destroy this country.


Boner...my spelling...is an ass-wipe of the first order.

I wouldn't stop to pee in his shoes if his feet were on fire.

He was probably drunk from sniffing his own cologne.

Stan Bozarth