Tea Bagging Hilarity

Rated PG 13 - If you are sensitive to jokes of an anatomical nature, you might want to skip this post and video.

David Shuster outdid himself last night when he sat in for Keith O. To understand the nature of some of the "jokes" you need to visit the urban dictionary first. Puts a whole new perspective on the winger's tea bagging, doesn't it?



Fact is, these protests aren't just about taxes and aren't being promoted exclusively by corporate shills. But it's no surprise that such an inaccurate characterization is coming from the same crowd that managed to fool themselves into believing that the Obama campaign wasn't "astroturf." Perhaps some of these people are angry that Obama voted in favor of the banker bailout bill? Certainly it might be tough to understand why someone would be upset at the fact that hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on the Wall Street Safety Net.

Now that a different faction of the establishment is in control, the media outlets and pundits switch roles (depending on their affiliation) to either defense or offense. It's just comical. It sure is difficult to imagine how the progressive movement plans on removing the middle and lower classes from perpetual debt slavery by remaining willfully ignorant of monetary policy and the effects of central banking.

"The natural wage of labor is its product." -- Benjamin R. Tucker
A liberal is someone who thinks the system is broken and needs to be fixed, whereas a radical understands it’s working the way it’s supposed to.


You use the term "fact is" as though what you're saying is actually a fact. There are no facts in your comment, not a one.


If the progressive movement were running the show, we'd be raising taxes significantly on the wealthiest Americans, restricting the rights of corporations to pillage and plunder, and implementing full-blown universal health care coverage. Unfortunately, the progressive movement is not running the show. Big banking interests and an obstructionist minority of Republican Senators in Washington are still running the show.

PS Just in case you might be forgetting, the global economic meltdown we're currently experiencing was created by the desperate tea-baggin' crowd. It must be nice to be able to screw up the global economy for six years and then whine when someone else has to clean up your mess, all the while playing victim to the mean old liberals.

Republicans fucked this country up big time, Dr. Quigley. Maybe even beyond repair.

Who are the they?

Hahaha, no matter who is in power, all failures to live up to campaign promises inevitably is blamed on "an obstructionist minority."

While I'm glad you hold the progressive movement to higher standards than those illustrated by the terrible decisions of the Obama administration, it's still scary to think that your platform shows literally no concern for the biggest pillager and plunderer in all history (the state). This is the massive deficit of the modern left (even larger than their $2 trillion budget deficits). Thousands of years of human history of death and destruction at the hands of the state - and nothing to say about it? Oh yea, I forgot. We erected a new God - "Democracy" - to worship. The intellectual elite is the new priesthood dedicated to preserving the sanctity of this latest scam by the ruling class.

The global economic meltdown was created moreso by Democrats than Republicans at the congressional level, though both have been complicit, especially with regard to the mismanagement and perverse incentive structure created by government GSEs. Just look at who voted for and against the banker bailout. Of course, I presume you lay no blame whatsoever on the Federal Reserve structure. James, what should interest rates be? Or should we leave that up to our "betters" who have been completely wrong for years? You are totally missing the point if you are blaming political parties for this crisis. It's that type of short-sightedness that guarantees that this disaster is far from over and far from the last.

"Bush, you messed up the economy because you had huge budget deficits! *applauds a $2 trillion deficit*"

"The natural wage of labor is its product." -- Benjamin R. Tucker
A liberal is someone who thinks the system is broken and needs to be fixed, whereas a radical understands it’s working the way it’s supposed to.


Deficits are not, in and of themselves, evil. I'm assuming you personally have one unless you paid cash for your house. Deficits are choices. And in this case, a large deficit seems preferable to a complete and devastating economic collapse.


PS So far, I have only one takeaway from the meltdown. It involves regulatory policy. I would like to see limits placed on the size and diversity of financial institutions. As someone recently said, if a bank is too big to fail (meaning its failure would have devastating economic consequences) then it is too big period.

And before you respond with your free market mantra, remember this. Corporations have no inherent rights whatsoever. Every right they have is given by our consent. If I had my way, those rights would be even more restricted.

Faulty Assumptions

Deficits are immoral when you don't have to pay for them. The debts racked up by Republicrats of all stripes (for the wars they all voted for, and continue to support, as well as the bailouts of Wall Street) are going to be paid by the next generation.

Your comparison of government borrowing for "stimulus" to borrowing to pay for a house is mistaken. People don't buy houses, or take out large loans when they expect their income to drop, or when they are trying to be thrifty. If the problem of the past decade or so has been excessive spending/consumption and borrowing, the solution is to curtail it - not shift the burden on the government to continue fiscal irresponsibility on the behalf of consumers and firms. The idea that one dollar spent by government creates one dollar+ in "stimulus" (whatever that means; consumption?) is a total fallacy, for if it were true, we could simply borrow and print our way to prosperity indefinitely by running deficits. Incidentally, it is precisely this logic that prodded individuals and firms to use their houses as ATMS and leverage themselves in order to stay competitive. At the base of this belief is the concept that wealth can simply be printed into existence by the creation of new credit. Printing presses don't create growth. They create distortions. They send signals to consumers and producers that cause a "cluster of business errors" that can't be explained by isolated instances of mismanagement. It's much deeper than some magic wand regulatory apparatus (as if institutions such as the SEC could be trusted to begin with) - it is the underlying incentive structure created by our monetary system that is the culprit. It is a monetary system controlled and manipulated by a government-sanctioned banking cartel that operates under the guise of preventing the very sort of crisis it has caused!

Another faulty assumption you make is that there really are institutions that are "too big to fail." There aren't. The people howling that a collapse of AIG or GM would destroy the market are the same ones who were in complete denial of reality for years. These firms are not too big to fail - they are too big to be kept around! They are destroyers of wealth! They are incompetent! They should be treated like every other business and sent to bankruptcy court to be sold off to competent managers. Keeping these zombie corporations alive, like the Japanese did in the 1990s, will only drag out the market correction. I highly recommend "Meltdown" by Thomas Woods if you want a true account of the reasons for this crisis.

How did they get so big? Do you side with the Randroid big business apologists and believe in the existence of the ubermensch entrepreneurs? Did they really just "compete" their way to the top? Of course they didn't. This is state-capitalism, not a free market, and the government has set the rules of the market place (enforced by gun-point) which most benefit the players with the most control over the state. So many on the left actually agree with those on the right who really attribute the accumulation of wealth in a few hands as a product of free competition! What a fairy tale! The system of property, tariffs, intellectual property ridiculousness, regulatory policies, subsidization of large-scale transportation and communication infrastructure, tax codes, outright cartelization of industry (the Federal Reserve, etc), and direct subsidies all ensure that wage labor is not paid its natural wage and that the rich will get richer. To the degree to which upwards mobilization is possible, it is possible because of the few segments of the economy that are relatively open to competition. CSAs and other forms of local business are a great example of a more free market in action.

You're absolutely right in pointing out the grant of corporate "personhood" rights as an example of state-capitalism, but that's just barely scratching the surface. Treating the symptoms of this system through social programs is the wrong solution for several reasons. First of all, it is ineffective, as witnessed by our 40+ year "war on poverty" during which poverty has not decreased at all. This is because you are entrusting the must dishonest institution - the government - with carrying out these policies. It's convenient to forget that government's operations are inherently oppressive since they are founded on the use of violence (why is the Internal Revenue "Service" armed to the teeth? Who are they serving?) Second, these policies simply make people more dependent on the state - trading one master (the corporation) for the supreme master (the government) which is the source of corporate power to begin with. Last, a dependence on the state inevitably leads to disaster as impending entitlement crisis is about to illustrate.

"The natural wage of labor is its product." -- Benjamin R. Tucker
A liberal is someone who thinks the system is broken and needs to be fixed, whereas a radical understands it’s working the way it’s supposed to.

Fact is, teabaggers are mostly folks who can't find their own

ass with both hands. We've got several in my neighborhood...flying their "don't tread on me" flags. They don't get actually get involved in precinct activities, elections, fund-raising or holding "meet and greets" so folks can get to know their candidates....whoever they are. All they know how to do is bitch about "libruls" and "socialism" all the while too stupid to realize they're being had by a bunch of two-bit media whores (You know their names and they're all on Fox) who would sell their countrymen down the drain for a few pieces of silver and an ego trip.....

Another fact is that Congress has been and is complicit in this debacle. For example, I challenge anyone in Congress to produce a constituent who is begging for higher credit card interest rates and more bait and switch tactics. Yet, Congress can't quite find the intestinal fortitude to end usury and fraud. Dolts!!

I have some faith that Obama is an honest and decent man. That would pretty much make him unique in Washington. That he's also intelligent is icing on the cake. I don't like some of his choices. Compared to the absolutely brain-dead or totally corrupt morons Bush had in his administration, Obama's choices are still better. I think the Bankers are about to get their just due. We'll see.

Stan Bozarth

Republican assholes

Traitors like these are almost enough to make me give up being nice. What a pathetic bunch of whiners. No wonder their bankrupt party can hold its entire membership in a damn teacup.

About the time Texas declares it's sovereignty Mexico will

decide it's time to revisit the Alamo and Perry and the rest of these uber-bedwetters will all be screaming for federal help.

BTW James...I wish you'd give up on the being nice. Just do good and have fun....that's enough!

Stan Bozarth

Hell..it's Texas

Let 'em go. Let them guard their own damned border. If there was ever a state we could do without in 2012 it sure as hell is Texas.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Good point

I really do hate Texas.

Counter Points

Does anyone think that we need some progressives on scene to give or point of view to the media that will inevitably be at the events?

I think observers and those documenting the events are fine

Counter protests might be a little difficult. Some of these events are in public places and you may need a license for a public gathering of more than a certain number of people. I know the tea party in Union County is at the old County Courthouse on the town square. I think it's outside, not inside, though.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.