Richard Moore $1 Million Out Of Pocket

Last week Richard Moore quietly closed out the campaign account for his unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign. He had loaned the campaign $1,250,000 in personal funds of which $288,232 had been repaid. The final report to the State Board of Elections dated 4/7/09 listed $3,055 cash on hand before expenses and $961,768 in forgiven loans. Moore is often mentioned as a potential contender for Richard Burr's Senate seat but reportedly has no plans to run.

By comparison, Beverly Perdue's campaign reported about $350,000 cash on hand and about $900,000 in outstanding loans at the end of 2008. Pat McCrory's campaign committee, not yet closed out, reported about $67,000 cash on hand and no debts or obligations at the end of 2008.

It was two months after a bitter primary before Moore endorsed Perdue, by email. While time may have sweetened the bitterness, a $1 million personal hit has got to sting.



That does sting. Sorry to hear it.

Moore will go on to do great things

And the million is nothing for his contribution to the debate.

You can't take it with you.

Thanks Jerimee

Hope to read and post more soon.

I'm very excited about 2010.

Any favs in your book?