Gene Messick Rants on NC DEMS Go National

Gene Messick has found a way to reach a national audience with his rants against the NC Democratic Party. OpEdNews, a national news blog - is unwittingly serving as a platform for Gene. Thanks to OEN, Gene can now do what even his email cloaking and repetitive spamming efforts could not - reach thousands if not hundreds of thousands of readers.

Gene attacks the Progressive Dems, the NC Dems, Jerry Meek

Saturday, May 2, 2009
The Rise of Anti-democratic Democrats

Most of us may think we know what the Democratic Party is about. But these days, organizations outside the Party are causing great confusion, especially one called Progressive Democrats of America. Perhaps this organization is neither Progressive nor Democratic, but flying under a piracy flag of it's own design. Here's more about what PDA is doing to the Democratic Party in North Carolina, a warning for other State Parties....

Go to the link to read more including the comments posted by a PUMA praising Gene.

So now Gene has a national audience who believe that his version of North Carolina Democrats, the former party chair and the PDNC.

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That's what I did and he did remove me

I don't know how he got my email address.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Gene banned from OpEdnews - Who he really is

Gene Messick claims to be a lifelong Democrat that moved to Rockingham County with my 22-year old stained glass business to live with Joyce Spear, a retired County Extension Agent. Per Gene they were married beneath pear trees in the backyard of Joyce’s home in Eden, serving wine that Gene had made from ripe pears the year before.

Per Gene all the troubles in his life started when he attended a computer class sponsored by the NCDP that cost him $120 and that the instructor was a mere secretary from NCSU in the Computer Technology department with glorified notions of her abilities. Gene claims that he entered data into the Rockingham Democratic Party computer for the May primaries in 2006 after which this glorified instructor scrambled the information by remotely installing a program update which caused all of the data to be lost. Gene claims his complaints and demands about the website went unanswered. Gene never backed up his information but blames the instructor for the loss claiming it was a “jury-rigged, home-made thing. “ He sent hundreds of emails to democrats in Rockingham County telling them of the ruthless activity of the NCDP. Gene claims when he posted an explanation on the web site of how the Rockingham County website was destroyed “wiped off the face of the Earth forever and every appeal to restore it was ignored. “ resulting in the website being taken down.

During this same time period Gene was busy making plans on how to defeat Rep Phil Berger Sr and making gardens around his home in Eden. The Chair of the county party decided to run against Phil and had to step down as Chair. His “wonderful wife” was elected as Chair of the Rockingham County Democratic Party. Gene continued his vendetta of email assaults on Jerry Meek.

In June Joyce Messick attended a State Executive Committee meeting alone because Gene did not want his conflict with Jerry to detract from Joyce's meeting. Gene claims that his wife was publicly disgraced in an effort to shut him up. Joyce was removed from office by a motion made and seconded by the delegates from Rockingham County “because she had a conflict of interest." Gene claims that the removal from office caused his wife Joyce to suffer a “complete emotional collapse.”

Gene later says that at 10:30 at night he was evicted from his home and business by two armed Sheriff's deputies. A week later Gene claims that “an anonymous Judge in an empty Rockingham County courtroom stole all the business and personal property I owned in NC.”

His wonderful wife took out a Domestic Violence Protective Order against him because she feared for her safety, this could be why the officers showed up at his house and he was told to never go back. shows that a Robert Eugene Messick, Sr. has violated that order several times. He now lives in Virginia, not in exile as he claims but in a small apartment on College Street in what he describes as “living in poverty on social security.” All a result of his actions, he can blame no one but himself that he receives less than a dozen calls on his cell phone in a month and sometimes none. How sad to exist with only his internet access and computers.

He has not been shut up but continues to send emails to any and everyone he can get an email address for and all elected officials in NC and VA. You see Gene has also gotten in trouble in VA for the same behavior that cost him his wife, home and business. He is barred from contacting anyone at Virginia Tech where he was an instructor in stained glass. He disagreed with the Reynolds Homestead and started an email campaign much like the ones in NC. He calls himself a wordsmith but he is just a bitter, broken, and pathetic old man that hides behind a computer. He destroyed his own life and doesn’t care who or what he destroys.

Gene has said, “I really don't give a hoot about who screeches, or who buries their heads by removing themselves. They are perfectly welcome to diminish themselves as much as they wish.” His allegations are not based on fact and he cannot support them. He gets his second hand news from troublemakers, rumor mongers, convicted felons and people with mental and emotional problems. He throws out lies just to see if something sticks.

All blog administrators should follow Rob Kall at OpEdNews and ban Gene Messick and anyone else that uses their access for personal vendettas. Administrators should respect their members enough to monitor the sites for this type of activity. Anyone receiving Gene’s emails should ask to be removed and silence him. If anyone reads his emails and thinks they are entertaining they should do some self evaluation.

I hope that Gene finds something in his life to put the energy he spending slandering people to good work. He and others like him need to move on with their lives and find some purpose besides being hateful, cowardly, vindictive, and pathetic. Destruction only brings destruction. May God have mercy on Gene and helps him find fulfillment and peace in his last days.


when was Gene banned from OpEdNews?

His latest rant was on 5/2/2009. I hope he's gone.

And he gets email addresses by lerking on list serves, I think.

You can't just ask him to remove you from his emailings, that results in him making you the target of his next vendetta.

I know many people who have filed complaints with Earthlink.

Gene disguises his email as being from earthhome but its earth link.

He has attacked many different groups and people with his paranoid rants.

See Who in the Hell is Gene Messick in comments section at this link

I don't think Gene attacked me when I asked to be removed

I have a friend who monitors the emails and I think she would let me know. I don't think I'm high enough profile for Gene.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

He's at it again - [NCDP-on-Trial] 116

Gene Messick sent out a 3,000-strong e-mail blast this morning (5/21/09) labeling Frank Eaton as an ageist because, as President of Forsyth County Young Dems, he's called for a need to nurture some young, new political leaders in FC and W-S.

In his rant Messick also indicts Eaton's documentary film company unaware of the fact that the company has done work for candidates such as Dan Besse, Roy Carter, Jim Neal, and Suzanne Reynolds -- none of whom are under 40 and all of whom represent progressive political views.

As the project manager for Eaton's company and as a good friend, I feel an extra dose of hurt over this e-mail -- we work hard to support and represent dems of all race, age, and creed. This accusation of discrimination is a wild attempt to breed mistrust and undermine the very close-knit unity we're striving to bring to our community in W-S, FC, and state-wide

It's attacks like these that keep our political process from moving forward, out of the mud and into real debate. If Messick had such a hard time with Frank's comments he should have engaged him and called for debate rather than slyly slinging mud from the safety of his undisclosed location.

If you've received this e-mail -- [NCDP-on-Trial] 116: Progressive NC Young Dems go after old people

please let Messick know that the call for new, young leadership is not an attack on the old and that he should spare us from this and similar attempts to mar the reputations of hard-working NC Dems.