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    We in the gay community certainly remember this nutjob's tenure in Charlotte. Creative Loafing put up a nice overview of her career. Some highlights:

    1983: Myrick, the CEO of an advertising agency and owner of an Amway distributorship, filled Charlotte with big billboards and won an at-large seat on the City Council.

    1985: Councilwoman Myrick began her long public history of proposing laws based on her exaggerated fears. Stating that much of rock music is evil, even Satanic, and that teenagers are "lemmings," she unsuccessfully proposed a committee to "review" and either approve or ban upcoming rock shows.

    1987: She also informed the city that she received messages about running for office from both a coffee maker, and from answers to her prayers at a homemade altar in a beach dune.

    1990: CL asked readers to name Myrick's new, shorter hairdo. "La Pelt" came close, but the final winner was "Mein Coif."

    1997: The GOP saw Myrick as a rising star in the party until she joined a group of junior Congress members who tried to force Gingrich's resignation. The plot failed, and Myrick soon lost a bid for a GOP leadership position to a Gingrich ally.

    2001: The 9/11 attacks marked a return to Myrick's earlier theme of living in fear, which led to increasingly extreme, outlandish notions, accusations and actions regarding Muslims and people she has consistently referred to as "illegal aliens" and "illegal immigrants."

    2003: Myrick noted that the Muslim threat to America was spreading, offering as evidence that they were running so many convenience stores.

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    Talking about 2020 elections while the 2018 Blue Wave is growing is somewhere between a distraction and counterproductive. But this bigoted weasel has a way of getting under my skin, and I apologize profusely.

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    I'm sure virtually everybody reading this does not need to be schooled on Trump's dissociation with the truth, but communication and the sharing of knowledge is the backbone of what BlueNC stands for, and there has never been a threat to that exchange of information quite like Donald Trump.

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    William Barber's decision to lead this national movement would not take him away from us (here in NC) completely. This is just one of many communities that have suffered from environmental injustice, and we need to shine a (harsh) spotlight on this practice.