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    And in my humble opinion, dogs who understand 3 or more words are really people blessed with 4 legs and should also be counted :)

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    You can do it online in less than ten minutes, and maybe get us out of the top ten slowest states for response.

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    I was even hesitant about posting on BlueNC after years of reading it. Unfortunately from what I've read, the camps are entrenched and no amount of talking, suffering or calling out bald faced lies will move people. May be harsh, but if the Tex Lt Gov and Glenn Beck want to die for the Trump economy to "save America for the children", let them do it....along with anyone else who wants to. Bertrand Russell once said "Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so."

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    Yep. I'm talking to YOU, the human being reading this comment at this very moment. Go forth and share something, anything, with the world out there. Report back.

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    It scares me to think that Trump trusts them to be his closest advisors.