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    is that you just know that the slimy little grifter will have a soft landing in some wingnut welfare think tank where he'll continue to be paid a hefty salary for spewing hate. These kind of rightwing loudmouths never suffer any consequences for their behavior that aren't ultimately turned to their advantage by the aid and comfort of the oligarchs that support them.

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    but when I saw that f**king article about Mike Adams' payoff I started typing before I realized what I was doing. His antics have made him a millionaire, which is ironic as hell considering he continuously complains about being treated unfairly.


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    And we may try that some time in the future. But the way this operates is such that you can't see the results unless and until you vote. At least this particular poll platform. We may have a different one in the toolbox somewhere, but I've never used it, so...

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    he backs up what I was saying earlier about Carbon Capture...

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    I'm sure historians and sociologists (and even psychologists) will be studying 2020 for many decades to come. But there's one aspect of the pandemic that, I think, has had a big impact on popular opinions and perceptions.

    For almost three years, Trump has bungled and messed up practically everything he's touched, from domestic policy to national security. His GOP enablers have covered up and apologized for him and nothing much changed with popular opinion.

    Similarly, the past few years have seen increasing numbers of Black Americans that have been bullied, intimidated, physically attacked, and even murdered by police. And nothing much has changed popular attention or moved people to be more interested in issues around systemic racial inequality in our society.

    But now, Trump is sinking in the polls, the 2020 election is being thrown up in the air by a turn away from GOP lies, and, suddenly, there's a shift of opinion and a dialogue about racial inequality and hate.

    What changed? Why now?

    Sure, the pandemic is making everyone more aware of the incompetence of Trump and his GOP enablers, but something else is happening.

    But, for the first time in my memory, high school and college kids, many with views more liberal and tolerant than their parents, are staying at home for an extended period. I can't help but think that's having a positive impact, with family members having conversations they've never had an opportunity to engage in before.

    It's one thing to have a son or daughter around the house during a holiday break or summer vacation when they're probably out running around with their friends. But it's quite another when the kids are at home all day for weeks and months and everyone has to live under the same roof.