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    A few years ago the courts wisely re-instituted One-Stop Voting, and you can register *and* vote at any Early Voting location. But in order to do that, you need proof of residence (utility bill will work) and a valid NC ID. If you're already registered, you won't need to show anything. But make sure you read your voting printout well before casting your vote, as mistakes can happen.

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    I've heard/read several Democrats recently chastising others for focusing on the Trump extra-marital affairs, when we should be talking about xyz. Here's the thing: It's not so much the infidelity as it is the cover-up. That, more than anything else, exposes the mindset of the orange buffoon. All his life, he has been surrounded and shaped by money. The acquisition of it, the power and prestige it brings, and (most importantly) how it can keep you out of trouble. He doesn't have a moral compass, because he's never needed one. And that makes him extremely dangerous as the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

    So yes, these affairs and the hush-money used to conceal them are very important.

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    ... I can't imagine a better description of Forest's own devotion to his idiosyncratic, extremist, regressive views.

    Really, a Dem candidate up against this guy needs to tell him to look in a mirror.

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    on NPR about an hour ago, and the bullshit he was peddling was off the charts. Including their position that ICE "can't turn a blind eye to illegals" they happen to stumble across in their supposedly targeted raids. Oh, they're not blind, when they see someone who even might be Hispanic, they demand to see their papers. Once they've discovered undocumented immigrants, that's the justification tail wagging the dog of racial profiling. No shame, whatsoever.

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    And again, I'm not saying we focus *all* our resources on the suburbs, but if we don't reverse that trend, we will continue to drown in red.