2012 Grassroots Farm Team PAC endorsements

After a successful primary season that saw all three of our endorsed candidates successful, the Grassroots Farm Team PAC is back with a fresh round of endorsements, highlighting great young candidates from across North Carolina.

First we want to congratulate D. Cole Phelps on his primary win for Washington County Commissioner. He doesn't face a general election opponent and we're excited about seeing Commissioner Phelps next year!

In addition to continuing to support Drew Reisinger and Bill Luton, who were both endorsed in the spring and face Republican opposition in November, the Farm Team has chosen to endorse Phil Feagan, Jenifer Bubenik and Danielle Adams.

Phil is running in one of the most competitive NC Senate races this year against first-term incumbent Ralph Hise. Sen. Hise is best known for being a primary sponsor of the anti-NCAE legislation that was passed in an unprecedented midnight veto override. A UNC Law School graduate, Phil wants to bring common sense and solutions-oriented government back to Raleigh instead of the hyper-partisan agenda of the NCGOP.

Jenifer is working hard to bring a fresh face and progressive voice to NC House district 26. A former Peace Corp volunteer and staffer for Senator Dianne Feinstein, Jenifer understands what it takes to get things done and as a legislator will do just that. Jenifer is running against first-term incumbent Namon "Leo" Daughtry, who voted to override the Governor's veto on fracking, the Racial Justice Act, as well as a bill that allowed NC Community Colleges to opt out of a federal loan program, making it harder for North Carolinians to get the education and job training they need.

Danielle is currently a Durham Soil and Water Commissioner and the North Carolina head of the Young Elected Officials Network. She is committed to promoting sustainable and organic agriculture practices to ensure our children have access to safe, healthy food.

Next week we'll be doing a feature post on each of our General Assembly candidates so you can get to know these young leaders. To get more information about the Farm Team and the great young candidates we support, please consider signing up for email updates.

NOTE: All of our endorsed candidates completed an interview and a questionnaire. They were selected because of their commitment to public service and progressive values. All endorsed candidates must also demonstrate they are running a viable campaign.