2012 Party Platforms

Just posted on NPR site:

One overlooked part of the convention frenzy was the party platforms. They seemed to cause more embarrassment than excitement at the DNC, where party leaders fumbled at reinserting clauses about Jerusalem and God into their platform. And at the RNC, Rep. John Boehner admitted he'd never even read his party's platform. NPR senior Washington editor Ron Elving joins weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz to talk about the platforms and what — if anything — they mean in 2012

The disregard for the party platform prevails among top party leadership. The audio from All Things Considered segment on the passing of the platforms in 2012 will be avaible aroung 7pm.


Romney Blatant Lie

Romney latest Lie
He is promoting “Four Straight trillion-dollar deficits by Obama”
Blatant Lie---The first trillion dollar deficit was Bush 1400B in his
8th budget ended 9-30-09

clarence swinney