2013 "Popies" winners

Several NC legislators, many of whom are bought and paid for by Art Pope, have been bragging recently that they've received an award from the NC Free Enterprise Foundation (NCFEF) for legislating "business friendly" legislation.

They imply that their "business friendly" legislation creates jobs and improves the economy. They don't mention that the legislature passed 344 new laws this past session, and not one single law was a jobs bill. What they really mean by "business friendly" legislation is the stuff that ALEC and Art Pope want very badly -- things such as removing virtually all regulations (many of which were put in place to ensure the safety of workers and consumers), allowing environmental destruction in the name of profits, getting rid of taxes for rich people and corporations and removing all limits on corporations and rich people in terms of money and meddling in political campaigns and government.

The legislators who comply best get the NCFEF award -- let's call it a "Popie". Why? Because the NCFEF is part of Art Pope's vast network.

That's right, many of our legislators follow this process:

  1. Art Pope & friends make sure you have plenty of money to get elected.
  2. Once elected, Art Pope & friends draft the legislation they want and tell you how to vote on it.
  3. You do what Art Pope says.
  4. Art Pope gives you an award, and you brag about winning that award.
  5. Time for re-election! Return to step 1.

Here are some of the Popie winners who are bragging about being bought, paid for and controlled by Art Pope:

  1. Susan Martin @SusanMartinNC
  2. Andrew Brock @andrewbrock
  3. David Lewis @RepDavidRLewis (brags about receiving "#1" ranking in the House)
  4. Tim Moffitt @TimMoffitt (brags indirectly be retweeting others and then congratulating his "friend" David Lewis for being #1...meaning Tim is POed because he is #2)

And of course there are others.

The complete ratings are instructive. Not only is the top of the list all red, but it's also dominated by Pope-funded legislators.

The Popie winners all give a similar acceptance speech ("I'd like to thank Mr. Pope" [genuflect, kiss Pope's behind ring] "Business is good. Money is good. Mr. Pope has lots of money and he gives some of it to me. Thanks for this award. Wait, did I say 'Jobs'?").

If you can't hear them too well, it's because they're in Art Pope's pocket.


Kind of ironic, as NC was

Kind of ironic, as NC was considered business friendly before these folks were ever elected--at least Forbes thought so.


NC was a shining example of moderation and balance. Businesses flocked here. Tillisberger & DAG McCrony aren't really trying to be "business friendly"; they're trying to stuff the pockets of a few rich people and give control of government to corporations/ALEC.

NC's image has slipped from #10 to #40 in the nation. CEOs are leery of the extremism here. Businesses will stop locating here. But it never really was about being "business friendly"; it was about protecting Art Pope's interests.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014