4000 Dead As Iraq War enters 6th Year

HR4156 was the much talked about legislation that tied funding for the Iraq war to a plan for withdrawal of troops. It called for no interrogation tactics to be utilized that were not already outlined in the U.S. Army Field Manual. HR4156 made it impossible for any of the $50 Billion appropriated to be used to establish a permanent military presence in Iraq or to control any Iraqi oil resources. It also demanded that the Secretary of State compile a report on the plan and status on the reduction of troops.

HR4156 passed the House 218-203.

North Carolina 5th District Representative Virginia Foxx voted against this resolution.

This week, as we enter the 6th year of this war, the U.S. death toll rises to a startling 4,000. I think about the mortars and car bombs that are bombarding the Green Zone in Baghdad, the men and women serving our country in uniform and in the U.S. embassy answering to harrowing cries of, “duck and cover”. I am reminded of the great need we have to create a responsible, reasonable way to bring our men and women home. My resolve for the need to heighten our diplomatic efforts is strengthened when I read stories of gunmen opening fire on passengers waiting for busses killing 7 people and wounding 16 others including women and children. My resolve is strengthened when I hear reports of police finding the bullet-riddled bodies of 12 people- six in Baghdad, four in Mosul and two in Kut, scenes of clashes between government troops and Shiite militiamen.

Representative Foxx, I am sure you have answers for the family and loved ones of the 160 service members who have lost their lives since November 14th 2007. I would certainly like to know what you would say to the families of 2nd Lieutenant Burks, Specialist Bunks, and Sergeant Booker, who were being killed by hostile enemy fire while you were fighting against bringing them home.


Coach Carter - what a treat!

Thank you for posting this, it's time the foxx to go!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Well done!

Thank you for humanizing this war, reminding us what we're doing there. I am proud to be a part of your team. Of course now I need to ask anyone who thinks the way Roy does on these issues and wants to see Foxx out of office will visit our website and to please donate to Roy's campaign.
Keep up the great work Coach!


Great post, Coach.

Thank you for holding Foxx accountable and for working so hard to take back our district!

I agree with Levi--- I hope everyone will donate to help Roy kick Foxx OUT.

It is not enough to understand, or to see clearly. The future will be shaped in the arena of human activity, by those willing to commit their minds and their bodies to the task. RFK

I'm an idealist without illusions. JFK

But wait!

John Hood says "read the report" and you'll find that Saddam knew people who knew people who knew people who aided and abetted Osama. And for that knowledge thrice removed, we have now spent more than half a trillion dollars, ruined hundreds of thousands of lives, and seen more than 4000 troops killed.

are you saying that rumor

are you saying that rumor and innuendo are not good reasons to send our troops into the middle of a civil war?
hmm novel idea.
Isn't it funny that we've known these things for so long and yet we still have members of congress that refuse to fight against Bush's Iraq policies? Well, I guess funny isn't really the word....


You're absolutely right, and

You're absolutely right, and the fact that there are people still seated in congress, have still endorsed McCain, will continue to support the war in Iraq is disgusting. It is the reason we need to elect good progressive candidates into office.


statistics a little skewed

If a national guardsman is a victim of fatal car crash in the US the total would be 4001 dead.

YTD the actual combat Iraq war body count is 3271.

Numbers are grim all the same but the bottom line is:

If we leave Iraq terrorists WILL take over oil pipelines underneath Iraq.

Now that's is a US problem, and a closely watched fiasco.

Not Correct

The 3,271 number only includes hostile action deaths. The 4,000 number is US personnel only and includes both hostile and non-hostile losses (illness, accident, self-inflicted, etc.) The 4,000 also includes those US fatalities who have died in hospitals in Germany and the United States as a result of their participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom..

This site has the most information on the entire coalition and allows you to search the data many ways.

Go here for the CRS report showing the US historical data


Thanks, Fred

What are you hearing on the streets from your military friends about presidential politics these days?

A Couple of Things

One of the great debates is over the participation of retired flag and general officers in the three campaigns. Much has been written on both sides of the issue and the "right" answer depends on who you talk to. Obviously, opinions about the war have a lot to do with where people line up.

Those who look at presidential politics using the lens of their strategic analytical skills have concluded that the Dems have given the strategic advantage to the Republicans as a result of the Dems writing the general election "opposition script" for the Republicans.

As presidential campaigns are a lot like a military campaign, they see this "fight" as not a new problem but one that started so much earlier and one that will probably last longer than prior inter-party presidential squabbles.

The attacks by both candidates and the way their supporters have dug in so deeply in their opposition to the other is, at the end of the day, ruinous to the Democratic Party. You have seen the numbers who say they will vote for McCain or not at all if "their" candidate doesn't get the nomination. Every day this continues, the harder healing will be. Note that this principal is the same problem when engaged in nation building while fighting an insurgency - achieving a compromise on long-standing divisions is difficult at best.

Another interesting topic of discussion is how, like in current military operations, the information war has become a critical "multiplier" required for victory. Just as this great site shows, information can be quickly disseminated, and it doesn't mean that it's accurate. Thus, winning the information war includes winning both sides of the equation; speed and accuracy matter.

Final point, don't believe that everybody in uniform or on the retired rolls is a Republican!


Thanks, Mr. Black.

Very interesting, this comparison between the nominating process and a military operation.

It might be time for somebody to surrender.

I bet that's what Foxx would say.

-- we can't let the terrorists get the oil.

Are the 4,000 US deaths that the DoD reports HERE as a result of operations in Iraq, the million + Iraqi deaths, the billions of dollars spent, the failing US economy, and becoming a world wide embarrassment worth it? to protect oil? Is it worth a 50 or 100 year occupation?

To me, the war is not just a matter of bad politics or protecting oil interests. It's a moral issue, and that's why I support Roy and others that are ready and willing to do what's right.

It is not enough to understand, or to see clearly. The future will be shaped in the arena of human activity, by those willing to commit their minds and their bodies to the task. RFK

I'm an idealist without illusions. JFK