50 Signs in 5 Hours

Less than three weeks left, and lots of people are spent out on donations yet still want to help. Well, my cousin and I took 50 Roger Sharpe signs and hit every corner of our county in five hours, and Wilkes is a BIG county.

My point is not to brag about this effort, although I want to give kudos to my driver, but to show that so much can be done on a Friday evening or a Sunday drive.

Get some signs and place them where you see other signs. Call a friend and offer to take them for early voting. Join a phone banking group. Go out and canvass.

Monetary donations are great, but if you find yourself short of cash, there is still so much you can do.

As I type this, I am physically exhausted, but the great feeling I get from my efforts is well worth it. It's a real high, and I hope everyone out there can feel it, too.

Roger Sharpe for Congress
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Really great job. I love putting out signs. I can't wait until WFC gets back from vacation so we can take a drive and do the same thing in Charlotte. It's a little harder with all the traffic, but you're right - having a driver makes it easier.

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Great work, Crowbar

I love people who brag about doing good stuff, especially in such a nice and gentle way.

Yay Crowbar...

I'd drive to see 50 signs! Good job!

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