The ACA on Trial

The Affordable Care Act (or ACA) has been challenged by dozens of states, in multiple ways, all over the country. The law remains unpopular among the public and loathed by Republican politicians, who have pledged that repeal will be their first order of business if given power in 2012. Implementation is proceeding jerkily, in part because many states are waiting till the legal and political uncertainty clears to commit to the law.

Next Monday, the Supreme Court will begin hearing three days of oral arguments addressing various questions of legal procedure and legality which will ultimately decide the fate of the ACA, and millions of Americans along with it.

Join Action NC at for a lively discussion about the future of the Affordable Care Act in light of the Supreme Court challenge and the polarized political environment in which we live on Monday, March 26 at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh, starting at noon.

Professor Gene Nichol, Director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina and Congressman Brad Miller will lead a discussion moderated by Adam Searing of the North Carolina Justice Center about the constitutional challenge to the landmark health reform law and the role of government in meeting needs and promoting fairness.

Discussion to be held at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, 1801 Hillsborough St. in Raleigh on Monday, March 26th starting at noon. Lunch will be served starting at 11:45. This event is free and open the public, but RSVP is required for a meal.

For more information and to RSVP, please click here.


ACA = wealth redistribution

ACA = wealth redistribution on steroids. Hopefully common sense will prevail in the SC and we be able to remain the standard bearer for world class health care and not sink to the level of Haiti or Cuba.

Standard bearer for world class healthcare?

Are you a crazy person, or do you just play one on the intertubes?

From the New England Journal of Medicine.

It is hard to ignore that in 2006, the United States was number 1 in terms of health care spending per capita but ranked 39th for infant mortality, 43rd for adult female mortality, 42nd for adult male mortality, and 36th for life expectancy.3 These facts have fueled a question now being discussed in academic circles, as well as by government and the public: Why do we spend so much to get so little?

Maybe your 'facts' are why

Maybe your 'facts' are why Americans (at least those who can afford it) are traveling to Mexico, Germany, Haiti and Ethiopia for their heart and liver transplants?

The pic reminds me of an

The pic reminds me of an obuma rally or an occutard gathering but for one silver pony-tailed 60's leftovers or their offspring holding peace signs, smoking giant doobies and demanding access to other people's bank accounts.

"The democrats have replaced ambition with envy"...

President Mitt Romney.

EDIT: BTW, 'Blue N C" seems to turning a bit more red these days.


The caption for the photograph:

Fairgoers cheer for Sarah Palin while she appears on the Sean Hannity Show at the Iowa State Fair, August 12, 2011