ACLU is going to court against Amendment One

The ACLU is taking on Amendment One - details here and in an ACLU fundraising email.

"The ACLU is asking North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to agree to allow an additional claim challenging the state’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples to be added to Fisher-Borne v. Smith, a lawsuit filed last year in Greensboro in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina that challenges the state’s ban on second parent adoption, a process by which one partner in an unmarried gay or straight couple adopts the other partner’s biological or adoptive child. If the Attorney General’s office does not agree to the addition of the new claim, the ACLU will petition the court to allow the claim to be added."


The ACLU is on a roll!

Today, the ACLU launched three new federal marriage cases – in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia (this last as co-counsel with Lambda Legal). These cases are step two of our two-pronged, post-DOMA, post-Prop 8 plan for winning the freedom to marry nationwide.,0,5790268.story

Gay marriage advocates eye Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, New Jersey

Activists will focus efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in four U.S. states this year and next, hoping to capitalize on political momentum following Supreme Court victories for gay rights, the Freedom to Marry advocacy group said on Tuesday.

New Jersey is shaping up as a battleground as Democrat lawmakers seek enough votes to overturn Republican Governor Chris Christie's veto of same-sex marriage legislation last year.

Looks like the ACLU is targeting several states, and groups like Freedom to Marry and HRC are going after others, in a way that really sets the stage for 2014 to move the ball forwards. Though I expect 2016 will be an even better year than 2014, both because Presidential election years bring out a broader, more progressive electorate, and because as more time passes, the stronger the polling gets for LGBT equality.

The language from the Supreme Court ruling may help on the legal front, and the momentum will definitely help on the legislative/referendum front. With everything going on in NC, it's nice to see an effective organization providing hope for real progress.

ACLU case against marriage discrimination going forward

The North Carolina Attorney General's Office announced Friday that it would not oppose allowing six same-sex couples to amend a 2012 lawsuit challenging the state's ban on second parent adoptions to include additional claims challenging the state's ban on same-sex marriages.

The move to amend the state's lawsuit came less than two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling in another ACLU case which found that the federal Defense of Marriage Act defining marriage as between one man and one woman was unconstitutional.

This week's marriage news watch

This week's marriage news watch celebrates the victories at the Supreme Court and looks at the road map ahead as we're expected to win more states into the marriage equality column in 2014 and 2016:

And in another bit of good news, it's only a matter of time and procedural votes before our English friends across the pond join in the freedom to marry now that both chambers of their legislative body have approved marriage equality.

The British House of Lords on Monday gave its final approval to a bill that would allow same-sex couples to marry in England and Wales.

The bill will return to the House of Commons, which approved it in May, for parliamentarians to consider any last-minute amendments. They will then send it to Queen Elizabeth II who will sign it into law through royal assent.

The first same-sex weddings are expected to take place in England and Wales sometime in the spring of 2014.