Acrobat flyer from Stephen Gheen

Did anyone get a copy of an adobe acrobat document sent out by Stephen Gheen supporting Bill Faison for NCDP Chair?

If so, was wondering what your thoughts are about the content of the document.


In answer - two parts

The first is Stephen's email:

Message from
Good evening.

Last week Turning North Carolina Blue was launched as a private website to communicate TNCB's periodic reports on voter registration information and salient polling data.

Not everything went as planned. Think of the adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

A number of readers could not access the site or upon accessing the site, readers were asked for a password when the site was designed to operate without passwords.

After further research, you will access the website with a specific "link" that is provided below. The first time, cut and paste this link into your internet address bar and click to go to the site. When you reach the site (fingers crossed), immediately bookmark or make the site one of your favorites. Thereafter, you can simply use your bookmark or favorite link to go to the site without using a password.

The link below is designed just for you:

Hopefully this will resolve any problems a number of readers experienced. My apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the initial release.

If you experience any problems, please do send an email.

Read the "Current TNCB Report" page for further information on using the site. If you have suggestions for improving the site, you can leave a comment through the web page or return an email.

If everything goes according to plan, the second TNCB Report on the 2010 election will be posted this weekend.

Return to victory!

Go to: for he entire document he posted.

Stephen seriously plugs Faison as if the second coming.
I sent him an email and said that I respectfully disagreed with him.

More later.