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So the senate rules committee is about to push out their voter ID bill. I've pretty much resigned myself to photo ID. I don't see much that can stop it, but there are lots of other provisions that seem designed to suppress the vote. At the town hall meeting I attended a couple of months ago questions were asked about proposals to compress the voting window and each of the GOP representatives assured those in attendance that these proposals wouldn't be going anywhere. Here are some of the proposals, taken from the WRAL website.

•Eliminate pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, who currently can register to vote before they turn 18.
•Outlaws paid voter registration drive.
Eliminates same-day voter registration during early voting.

•Eliminates provisional voting if someone shows up at the wrong precinct.
•Allows voters to be challenged by any registered voter of the county rather than just a voter of the precinct in which they are registered.
Shorten the two-and-a-half week early-voting period by a week.

Prohibits counties from offering voting on last Saturday before the election beyond 1 p.m.
Prohibits counties from extending poll hours by one hour on Election Day in extraordinary circumstances, such as in response to long lines.
•Eliminates straight-ticket voting.
•Moves the presidential primary to first Tuesday after SC – if SC holds its primary before March 15.
•Studies, but does not mandate electronic filing for campaign returns.
•Increases the maximum campaign contribution per election from $4,000 to $5,000.
•Loosens disclosure requirements for IE committees.
•Repeals the publicly-funded election program for appellate court judges.


All in all

The Omnibus Voter Suppression Bill is the most blatant attack on democracy and representative government since the 2011 gerrymandering.


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In this country, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty; Voter id requirements say we are all guilty unless we can prove ourselves innocent. Voter id requirements punish all voters for crimes not yet committed by a single person. This is un-American.

The Declaration of Independence says that "legitimate governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed." When we vote, we give our consent. This has become a sacred ritual in America. Forcing citizens to first buy, then present an id before voting says that citizens are accountable to the government and that government has to give each person its consent before that person can vote.

This changes the very nature of the American compact and puts government in charge of voters instead of voters in charge of government. This is an abuse of power.

Can anyone clarify what the

Can anyone clarify what the bill means by "Prohibits counties from extending poll hours by one hour on Election Day in extraordinary circumstances, such as in response to long lines." Do they mean that counties can't allow voters already in line at 7:30 to stay in line and vote? Or do they mean they can't decide to extend the time you have to get in line to 8:30 and anyone in line at that point can vote however late it might be before they get inside?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

The second thing, I believe

Here's the section in question:


SECTION 33.1. G.S. 163‑166.01 reads as rewritten:

"§ 163‑166.01. Hours for voting.

In every election, the voting place shall be open at 6:30 A.M. and shall be closed at 7:30 P.M. In extraordinary circumstances, the county board of elections may direct that the polls remain open until 8:30 P.M. If the polls are delayed in opening for more than 15 minutes, or are interrupted for more than 15 minutes after opening, the State Board of Elections may extend the closing time by an equal number of minutes. As authorized by law, the State Board of Elections shall be available either in person or by teleconference on the day of election to approve any such extension. If any voter is in line to vote at the time the polls are closed, that voter shall be permitted to vote. No voter shall be permitted to vote who arrives at the voting place after the closing of the polls.

This is the latest (published) iteration of the bill, but it looks like they didn't mess with the part about being able to vote if you're already in line.

Thanks for posting that

Thanks for posting that scharrison. So the strike out portion would be eliminated. What about the part underlined? I am assuming that that provision stays in. If the poll opening is delayed or machines break down for over 15 minutes the polling place stays open for an equal amount of time.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Underlined means a proposed amendment

to the Statute. New language, as it were.

The part that is not underlined is existing language (current law).

Unless the version I posted has been additionally modified, it looks like the old law of "standing in line" isn't affected. Sometimes they bury stuff in other parts of a bill that "modify" sections that appear untouched, but I didn't see any in this one.



I'm a moderate Democrat.