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Video's a little strange

But the song is one of those that's impossible not to dance to when you hear it in a bar. Or your living room...okay, is it weird to dance when you're by yourself, and there's nobody there to dance with or watch you dance? Just curious. If I need to set aside some money for therapy, the sooner I know the better.

Senator Portman (R) & Hillary Clinton for marriage equality

Marriage News Watch for this week:

Hillary Clinton's new statement out today supporting marriage equality:

If you want to have a good answer for the where were you question during this landmark LGBT civil rights case, check out these events happening all across the country next week:






New Bern





Across the Nation

One other bit of good news:

"Gay marriage support hits new high in Post-ABC poll"

The poll shows that 58 percent of Americans now believe it should be legal for gay and lesbian couples to get married; 36 percent say it should be illegal. Public attitudes toward gay marriage are a mirror image of what they were a decade ago: in 2003, 37 percent favored gay nuptials, and 55 percent opposed them.

The Supreme Court takes up the issue of gay marriage next week, and nearly two-thirds of all Americans say the matter should be decided for all states on the basis of the U.S. Constitution, not with each state making its own laws.

Among young adults age 18 to 29, support for gay marriage is overwhelming, hitting a record high of 81 percent in the new poll.

Emphasis added.