After dark

Ya'll be nice now.


About time for precinct meetings

Time to get organized! We're doing it with recruitment calls and signage. What are others doing in their precincts?

Hagan blitz!

Today I saw Senator Hagan filing for office on my social media news feed...

Got an e-mail...

Dear Jake,

It’s filing day in North Carolina -- and my wife Kay will officially be filing for reelection to the Senate later today.

With more than $9 million of special interest spending raining down in North Carolina, Kay is forging ahead. I’m so proud of her, all the work she has done, and I’m glad I can be there in person to show it.

I know that most of you -- her grassroots supporters – would like to be right there beside her when she files for reelection, but I understand that you are just not able to do that. I also know that you are just as committed as I am to helping Kay fight against the Koch brothers and all the special interests in this campaign.

And when I got home and checked my mail, I had received this...

Looks like they've got their act together.

2nd round of mailings from Team Hagan

I just got my second round of mailings from the campaign. But more funny was the online ad that popped up as I was watching an ad for GOP Minority Leader of the US Senate Mitch McConnell just a few minutes ago:

Hah! :)

Google can be funny as hell, sometimes.