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What makes people vote Republican?

If Democrats want to understand what makes people vote Republican, they
must first understand the full spectrum of American moral concerns. They
should then consider whether they can use more of that spectrum
themselves. The Democrats would lose their souls if they ever abandoned
their commitment to social justice, but social justice is about getting fair
relationships among the parts of the nation. This often divisive struggle
among the parts must be balanced by a clear and oft-repeated commitment
to guarding the precious coherence of the whole. America lacks the long
history, small size, ethnic homogeneity, and soccer mania that holds many
other nations together, so our flag, our founding fathers, our military, and
our common language take on a moral importance that many liberals find
hard to fathom.


Interesting that nowhere in that list of morally important items

are our Constitution or our Ideals. Are those things too deep for infotainment era minds?

Our military? really? Was that true before WWII? I'm asking ... I wasn't around then.

Our common language? really? Was that around before radio and teevee? Most big cities had different newspapers printed in several different languages didn't they? Hell, the Constitution was translated into German so the 1/3 of Pennsylvania that spoke primarily German could read it. When did "a common language" become a moral issue for people? Isn't it really just a convenience issue for most of those people who get so hyped up about it? "Why do I gotta push 1 fer English!?"

Sorry ... stream of conciousness. I'm pushing away from the keyboard now.

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Good streaming

I enjoy stuff like this mostly because it gets me thinking in new ways.  Anyone who claims to understand the Republican mind has to be suspect, as would be anyone claiming to understand Democrats.  It's a mighty big brush.

The whole patriotism thing is bothersome to me in general.  I don't really understand its appeal. It seems awfully close to pride and conceit.

Stream on, sister!

Most big cities had different newspapers printed in several different languages didn't they?

Yup. Most of them still do. It's only people who think that the United States is a homogeneous entity that have issues with that.  But I figure that if we were really supposed to be all alike, we'd be the United State of America, not States.

I don't like the idea that "morality" is only the domain of the Republicans. You can't be for social justice and not be "moral".

Mona Lisa was not into politics, But the Artist was!

Anyone who claims to understand the Republican mind has to be suspect, as would be anyone claiming to understand Democrats.  It's a mighty big brush.*James

1.         What  mind?
2.          Democrats are more into their mind trying to  understand what kind of democrats they are!
3.         The real truth is that both parties are like spray  is all over the place, but the Master painter controls both parties in the end on a expensitive piece paper call the taxpayer and the little folks. What scares the Master Painter more than anything else? A host of small painters who discount the hell out of their painting and end up putting the Master out of business.

Hey Max, don't they do that about once a year

up at the fair grounds in Raleigh?  Jeez, I never realized how important it was to buy those cheap paintings....whoda thunk?   


And what of our Youth?

The older Republican mind is less difficult to understand. It is very typical for most people to become more conservative (at least in a very few areas) as they age. What I find unclear and without a proper justification is for the young Republican mind.

Friends my age that are Republican do it more out of homogeny and a fierce ascertation that other people out there are out to get them or take advantage of them. The Republican party offers same-ness, comfort, LOWER TAXES (even though most of these people barely make enough to see any realistic difference), and the same jingoistic view of America that made those in power from the last 8 years so dangerous and harmful to our country both inside and outside our borders.

Most conservatives I know (note, not all) enjoy being around others who are "like them." This does not make them bad - we all enjoy having common interests with our friends. But a need to lash out against others, reject change/progress and wish to be left alone (or with others who share their same view). Whenever I voice my ideas (again, to most, but not all my Republican friends) they outrightly reject my notions as naive, silly, stupid or downright dangerous. They take no time to understand. I spend more time reading modern conservative thought than I do modern liberal thought. It is fascinating to see the differences.

I am glad we live in a country where these differing ideologies and perspectives can be shared and debated. But to take away debate and inject narrow morality and powerfully dangerous socially conservative worldviews into the young political mind resembles the training of warriors. Their instinct is always to fight, not debate. And that is truly unfortunate.

(I could write for hours, but for the sake of brevity and, well, debate, I will stop here) I think I see another blog post in my future ;)

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?


Just reading the one of the other posts and see the name Foxx (R,NC-05) listed yet again. So far in the past few cycles we have tried a military vet, a Harvard grad, and a school teacher as opposition and not made a dent.

Any suggestions as we get started on 2010?


A woman.

The last two candidates have been white males from rural counties. What about a woman?

"Keep the Faith"

Excellent Idea


Perspective from the other side on Foxx (R, NC-05)

The democratic party has to be feeling a little let down with not being able to get-r-done against Virginia Foxx in the 5th district. I mean, c'mon, y'all.....if ya can't beat this really weak republican candidate during "Obamania"...there is a problem within that district's party goins-on. Before ya jump all over me for that...listen to what I have to say.

First you've thrown a second choice Sharpe at her in 2006 and then Carter at her in 2008...not your strongest candidate. In addition, even though there are all kinds of accolades going on here about "young democrats" and how well Forsyth and Winston is organized and how strong the demos are there...well, hate to tell you....Burr then Foxx??????? 'Nuff said.

Whatcha gotta do, guys? Yeah, I'm certainly a "repug", but I'm no Foxx kinda guy. I don't care which side she takes on the "choice" issue...she's a catholic so just from that perspective alone, I'm fading away from her. No, you're right, I shouldn't be going there...but if you want me to sugar coat how I feel, I'm on the wrong blog. I just feel that "choice" means "choice". It's the law. It's the opinion of the majority in America. Next, Foxx has gone to both sides of the fence depending on what's "popular" or "politically correct". I just don't like that in a candidate. Anyway, I digress. What the demos in the NC-05 district need to do is FIRST OF ALL find a legitimate candidate...someone that can point out Foxx's weaknesses. Second, you all have to bang away on her voting record. Yes, the district leans conservative.....but that's not to say they're stupid. Right now, there is a crisis going on...people need help. You gotta know Foxx will vote down most of what the demos/Obama wants to get into legislation to help our plight. That's where you have her. Keep up with the voting record. If you have a legitimate ground game (as you profess to have here especially with the Young Democrats) and if you can get a legitimate candidate and if you can keep up with her negatives both from a voting standpoint and from statements can get her.

Good luck, guys.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Thanks for your comments

I think you are onto something here. The 5th is getting better organized, but there are several factors that complicate things:

1- To win as a Democrat, you need virtually every Democratic vote, a large bloc of the Independents, and some Republican switch-overs.

2- The district contains large swaths of conservative strongholds: small business, the affluent, and the elderly.

3- A decent portion of the Democratic vote is of the older, Dixie-crat persuasion making it easier for them to poach our votes than vice versa.

4- It is difficult to get candidates to run and big donors to give in what is perceived as a lost cause. If you have a mediocre candidate with a lot of money, a race is winnable. If you have a great candidate with mediocre money, the race is winnable. But to have neither, in a district where the opposing party is +15 with big money and an incumbent...

That said, I have a propsal that will be viewed as unpopular, so let me qualify it before I dig in. All counties shoud continue to organize and campaign. I am in favor of a win-everywhere strategy like Dean's 50-state model. However, for the NC-05 race alone...

The campaign should focus on Forsyth, especially the Winston-Salem area, Watauga (which went for both Carter and Sharpe), especially the Boone/ASU area, and the Statesville portion of Iredell.

Yadkin and Davie counties are hugely Republican. Wilkes, the largest county by area, is hugely Republican. Ashe and Alleghany are both Repulican and very small in voter numbers. Same goes for Stokes and Alexander. Rockingham has only a few precincts in the district. Surry has an interesting political breakdown, almost dead even between Republicans and Democrats with a lot of Independents.

So I say the next candidate should throw everything into Winston-Salem, Statesville, and Boone. Keep the bulk of operations in downtown Winston and have strong satellite offices in the other two locations.

The candidate should rarely leave Forsyth County (which holds a huge percentage of the overall vote) and the NCDP should throw a ton of resources into organization there. In recent times the candidates have been stretched like silly putty criss-crossing the district at every pot luck dinner and gathering with more than 10 people.

Why do they do this? Because Foxx does it. What they are missing is that Foxx does it because she can. While we waste our time chasing her from Sparta (Alleghany) to Mocksville (Davie), her TV spots are running in Forsyth, where she also keeps a base of operation.

The candidate will have to take a moderate tone to take the Independents. Change is going to have to come incrementally here its seems, but maybe if we can get a Democrat in the door we can help shape policy as constituents.

Let me end by saying that in 2008, Foxx got 191,000 total votes. There are 104,000 registered Democrats and 75,000 registered Independents in Forsyth County alone. In 2008, we only got 48,000 of them to vote for us. Our next biggest blocs: Watauga 15,000, Iredell 15,000 and Surry 11,000.

So, in the big 3 counties I suggest the only focus on, we got almost 90,000 votes. In every other county combined> we barely grabbed 30,000 total votes.

So there's my argument. Have at it.

Note: Yadkin numbers are not included in the totals, but the difference I assume would be negligible based on past experience.

Good thinking

I like it.

And, once you have that great candidate, with the numbers you've cited, name recognition is gonna be a big factor....and it can't start just during the campaign. Gotta start like yesterday.

But, what do I know. And, it probably sounds a little crazy for me to be wanting a demo in my district in the first place...but this Foxx...GEEZZZ. I mean, I lean a little right at times, but I haven't fallen off the freakin' cliff !!

The best thinking is independent thinking.


Let's not get crazy, here.