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Brad Miller could do it, Somehow I thought Larry Kissell would do it. I hoped Hagan would do it. But, no North Carolinians in the House or Senate are standing up for us publicly and vociferously. We lose...the corporations and greed win....and we still get to pay for our elected representatives health insurance. They should all be ashamed. Oh, I forgot...they don't know the meaning of shame.

Stan Bozarth

YOU LIE! (sorry, couldn't


(sorry, couldn't resist).

That stunt is something I'd expect on John Stewart or David Letterman, not on the floor of the US House. It's about as bad as that SC tool shouting out at Obama...though it won't get as much press.

It's a shame really, I had really enjoyed Grayson's questioning of various Federal Reserve officials.

He expressed what most of us think is the truth....

The American public has made this issue one of their top priorities for years, so we might think that since a president has moved it to become part of the national debate, that both political parties would have some comprehensive plans to submit. But, no, this debate has been only about what the Democratic members have put forth. The party of 'NO' has only criticism and opposition for any ideas of change. If the Repukes really feel that they have been wronged by Grayson's charge in the House, let them bring forth what has been offered by their side. If they still have nothing to offer, then they should be open to any political attacks from those of us who see through their corporate controlled criticisms. Their whole party in Congress, along with a bunch of influential Dems have been an example of what money can buy.

I know this won't be popular

I know this won't be popular on this blog, but the Republicans DID propose a healthcare bill (HR3400) that has been shoved into six committees with specific instructions that the bill will stay in those committees until Nancy Pelosi says otherwise. Just like happens in the NC House, bills that may challenge the agenda of the party in power get shelved in committees, not calendared for action, until they die.

Instructions on HR3400 specifically say, "Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committees on Ways and Means, Education and Labor, Oversight and Government Reform, the Judiciary, Rules, the Budget, and Appropriations, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned."

The Democrats' bill, HR3200, was immediately sent to committee with instructions to immediately schedule activity. That's why it has been the only House bill being discusswed.

Republicans can be called the "Party of No", but the reality is, the Democrats can pass HR3200 or any other bill they want without a single GOP vote. Democrats hold a 79 seat advantage in the House and a 18 seat filibuster-proof advantage in the Senate.

Obstruction is coming from Democrats, not Republicans. The GOP members do not have the votes to stop anything.

Mike Wilburt

Mike Wilburt

It's a doctor bill

we can't afford. Tax credits, tort reform and shopping across state lines, none of which will cure our ills.

Here's the Long Summary. If you'll notice, this bill piggybacks six other bills (not Amendments) that would normally have to be voted on each on their own merit, including Gingrey's Tort Reform bill (1086), which sets all kinds of limits on what injured patients can obtain via a lawsuit, but throws a protective cloak around those who injured said patients:

(2) This Act shall not preempt or supersede any State or Federal law that imposes greater procedural or substantive protections for health care providers and health care organizations from liability, loss, or damages than those provided by this Act or create a cause of action.

Frankly, most of HR 3400 looks like it was written by the health insurance industry. They should put it on the floor and vote, just so it could be thrashed like it deserves.

That's true too.

But you have to admit, it's nice to see a Democrat with the chutzpah to match Republicans tit for tat. All that death panel crap was embarrassing ... especially since it came from the party that invented death panels.