AG Cooper posts campaign stump speech at HuffPost

Attorney General Roy Cooper, who was previously announced as a keynote speaker at the Equality NC gala, seems to have gone into full campaign mode, posting an op-ed that suspiciously sounds like a stump speech at Huffington Post.

But what may be even more important is the effect those policies have on a state's self- image and what it shows to the rest of the world. North Carolina has had much success for fifty years, not just because we were on the leading edge of change in the American south, but also because we embraced this change as a natural part of our state's heritage and history.

It's why the events of the last 10 months are so devastating to our state. The damage that has been done to North Carolina cannot be understated. But as Terry Sanford said in that speech fifty years ago, "North Carolina is not going to be left behind." He was right then and he's right today. North Carolina is better than this. We must turn this around and move forward. As North Carolinians have seen and experienced this year, the alternative is unacceptable.

I have mixed feelings about Cooper. Yeah, I agree with what he's saying, but really wonder if he has what it takes to make some real and lasting change in the state.

Cooper's had an opportunity over the past few months to be a visible figure on laws pushed through the legislature, forcefully challenging lawmakers on laws that, in the end, will really be indefensible and cost the state millions of dollars to defend.

As an independent voter looking for practical solutions, I'd like to see Cooper do some down and out fighting against these laws in his role as AG before he starts giving up platitudes about how bad things are in Raleigh.

I reference Teddy Roosevelt in my screen name for a reason - I admire public servants that have vision, commitment, and get things done that benefit the public as a whole.

Hey, Coop, show me you're doing your job as a legal advocate for the citizens of NC. Then maybe I'll take you seriously as a candidate. Prove to me - an independent voter - that you're more than just another empty suit in Raleigh.


I'm with you Teddy

As soon as I get my registration changed again (sigh), I'll be an independent voter too. And Mr. Cooper has a long ways to go to make the case that he's more concerned about NC Citizens than he is about his own career.