Alabama school buses

This piece from Slate is well worth a read. A summary:

Teabagger Republicans in Hoover, Alabama, are ending school bus service. The town is a suburb of Birmingham, quickly growing with minority families. The Teabaggers tout how this will save the town $2 million.

Even though kids who rely on bus service come from every racial and class background, the rollback of public transportation just as the school’s population is getting more diverse raises questions. Especially since the same school district that can't afford to get every kid to class still somehow has money to pay for iPads for the students that are able to find a ride.

This reminds me of the same attitudes we're seeing in the NC legislature - yanking public services to save money, giving tax breaks to the wealthy and giving everyone else a big "screw you".

Well, we at least still have school buses for now - even if the NC legislature wants to make sure they're unsafe antiquated relics ready for the scrap heap.