Alamance County Sheriff refers to Latinos as "taco eaters"

Where driving while brown is an arresting offense:

A North Carolina sheriff and his deputies routinely discriminated against Hispanics - a group he referred to as 'taco eaters' - by making unwarranted arrests with the goal of ramping up deportations, according to a two-year probe by the U.S. Department of Justice.

If you follow the link, you'll be following it all the way to the United Kingdom. Seriously, is this the kind of reputation we North Carolinians want to have in the rest of the world? That we round up/lock up people based on the color of their skin? That might please the barking dogs in the GOP's back yard, but it should scare the shit out of the rest of us.

A Republican who was first elected in 2002, Johnson suggested the probe was a political, and cast blame on the White House.

And the sad thing is, a sizeable portion of my neighbors would probably believe that the President of the United States could actually have a vendetta against a local sheriff.

Welcome to Bizarro World...


Actually, our Taco Bell coverage

has been dwindling, which is fine with me. They've been replaced by several kick-ass authentic Mexican restaurants.

Not only am I (also) a taco-eater, my recent discovery of pico de gallo has shuffled the rankings in my top five Greatest Things Ever list.