ALEC assault on public education

The ALEC inspired assault on public education continued in earnest last week. On March 12th Guilford County Teabagger darling and ultra-con Sen. Trudy Wade introduced SB 317, a bill that would redraw school districts along party lines, reduce terms from two to four years, inject political partisanship where it's unwanted,and make it easier for conservatives to take over and control local school boards.

When asked what he thought of the bill by the News and Record, High Point realtor and school board member Ed Price, who is a friend of mine, responded, "Don't they have better things to do down there." Indeed they do Ed, unemployment is 9.6% and rising, but addressing it doesn't fit the agenda in Wingnut Land.

On Thursday retired school administrator and Republican moron Gerry Tillman of Randolp County introduced SB 337

What does SB 337 do? It removes oversight of charter school from the state school board and creates a new NC Public Charter School Board, one who's composition will be controlled by DAG McCrory, Berger, and Tillis.

It reduces the certification requirement for teachers from 75% to 50%.

It weakens the existing law requiring schools to reflect local racial and ethnic compositions.

And it gives charter schools access to local school districts capital building funds.

What it will do is create a taxpayer funded re-segregation of NC's public school system, with little or no oversight.

To cap it all off, Democratic Rep Marcus Brandon of High Point and GOP Rep. Jon Hardister of Greensboro introduced HB 291. This I take personaly because I voted for Brandon and it's disappointing that he would be a part of this b.s.. I guess he picked up the idea on his beach trip to Miami last year with Tillis.

If you're a charter school sponsor on the make in NC with no start up funds, but a desire to tap that taxpayer gold, have no fear HB 291 will provide you with those funds in the form of $25,000.00 interest free loans to cover your costs.

This is truly insane, as we are continually cutting funds to local school districts. It just goes to show you, Republicans love spending tax dollars on their pet issues, as long as they don't have to pay them. They want their kids to attend private segregated schools and have us pay for it.

The Right Wing Ignoranti that are running our state government these days are banking on a deeply gullible electorate to cheer their antiquated and antisocial ideas.

1.Undermine public education
2.Deprive the unemployed benefits and expand job killing austerity
3.Roll back voting and reproductive rights
4.Deprive the woking poor healthcare
5.Destroy agencies that protect our environment from industry and consumers from predatory banks

The first thing the NC GOTP and conservatives need to understand, and something they can't comprehend, is their ideology is in direct conflict with the needs of ordinary citizens. 2014 can't come soon enough for me.



They are attempting the same thing in Wake County. Gerrymandering is the only accomplishment this Republican majority has had in Raleigh.

One other "accomplishment" by the republicans

The republican-led legislature along with republican governor McCrory have been able to opt out of creating state-run health care exchanges as part of the federal Affordable Care Act.

So, they have this as an additional "accomplishment" along with gerrymandering. The redrawn districts in North Carolina is still in the court system, however. It will probably be upheld, however, just from the perspective of historical precedent.

McCrory trumpeted being anti-education in November..

..from the highest rooftops. But, gerrymandering got him in, anyway.

The only thing that will save NC, in the short to medium term, is to challenge as much of the stuff the legislature is pushing-- charter schools, fracking, anti-choice, anti-voting-- at the FEDERAL level. I have no confidence at all in the state government or judiciary at this point.

McCrory won't challenge what you mentioned

It would be a good bet that in the "short to medium term", McCrory and the republicans aren't going to make any changes in their beliefs and efforts with regard to charter schools, fracking, "Choice" or voter-ID either at the FEDERAL level or right here in NC. Democrats and republicans believe totally opposite on those issues. It will be just four more years of arguing and fussing and bickering with absolutely nothing done on those issues. You have to love our political system, don't you?