And this is why the GOP cut back early voting in NC



And with only a few exceptions,

those voters were crammed into one location per county, standing in line for 1 1/2 hours to vote.

The wave is cresting, and it will drown the GOP when it crashes down.


I submitted an absentee ballot this year. But a close friend voted the other day and had some interesting observations as he waited in line for about an hour and a half.

He got into some conversations with other voters in line and observed some of the other voters around him. He noticed that the Dem voters seemed very happy and upbeat about voting, while the Republican voters just seemed sour and angry.

Interestingly, he talked with a couple of die-hard Trump supporters - older voters - who were thinking about switching their vote or not voting for Trump after hearing his performance at the Al Smith dinner. They thought he was vulgar, cruel, and just mean spirited.

It's remarkable to me that, at this late date, that would be the one thing that set them over the line.

But, if you think about it, the public forums where we've seen Trump - the debates and rallies - are venues where some "showmanship", bluster, and appealing to voter emotions are to be expected.

The Al Smith dinner was the one public event where the candidate was supposed to "act Presidential" and is the type of thing that he would have to do if he got the job. And Trump failed to even act Presidential - or like any semblance of a decent human being - in that fluff fundraising appearance.

The voter my friend talked with had been a Trump supporter early on because she wanted "change". Now she feels doubts about Trump being capable of even being President in a rudimentary way.

Just from my informal observation on social media, it seems like Dems are more upbeat and driven. Hillary seems to have "sold" even more progressive voters that supported Bernie in the primary - I'm seeing talk about her being resilient and capable.

The only people still paying attention to the "much ado about nothing" Wikileaks stuff seem to be the hard-left voters that barely supported Obama in his first election and certainly didn't four years ago or the hard-right Trump supporters who are latching on to any kind of Alex Jones or Breitbart-inspired conspiracy theory.

The Republicans, outside of a core of hard-right Trump supporters, seem driven more by their fear of or anger against Hillary, rather than strong support of Trump himself. While I see posts bashing Trump among Hillary supporters, I see many that are talking up Hillary herself.

On the right, it's all about bashing Hillary or hawking one of Trump's racist screeds - I can't remember the last time I saw something in my social media feeds praising Trump's business acumen or some other aspect of him as a person.

Dems seem to be "sold" on Hillary as a leader. Republicans appear to just be casting a grudge vote for one reason or another.

Exposure plays a big role, too

Especially with older voters who are less likely to be engaging in Facebook/Twitter, and receive most of their news filtered through Faux News, just how bad Trump has become may not be apparent to them. They've only seen the tip of the trumpberg.

That being said, the tip they've seen should have been enough.

Trends and polls

Very true - this election in many areas is going to be close. Trump has many supporters in states like North Carolina.

What I find interesting about the election is how Trump and the extreme wing of the party seems to be demoralizing GOP voters nationally. Fivethirtyeight highlighted trends showing that Trump may be depressing turnout among GOP voters:

The previous ABC/Post poll found a sharp 12-point decline in enthusiasm for Trump among his supporters, almost exclusively among those who’d preferred a different GOP nominee. Intended participation now has followed: The share of registered Republicans who are likely to vote is down 7 points since mid-October.

Before the current election cycle, moderate Republicans would try to placate the crazy Tea Bagger faction of the party. Trump's candidacy brought all the outrageous demands of the extremists out into the open in a way that moderate candidates can't run away from.

There will be a messy power struggle within the party after the election is over. It just may be that moderate Republicans will look at the changing demographics and the large number of independent voters and start asking themselves if they really need to appeal to the Trump/Tea Bagger contingent to win, at least in some districts and states.

GOP votes for Hillary

A Democratic friend of mine was phone banking and got a Republican voter on the phone. The voter told him, oh, I'm voting for Hillary!

My friend thanked him and suggested he would not ask this voter to suggest his friends do the same in the event they were also Republicans and did not hold the same views.

No, the voter replied, they are Republicans, but they are all voting for Hillary, too!

That is encouraging but if we

That is encouraging but if we are talking anecdotal.........I'm a rural NC teacher and can testify that the dislike of Clinton by college educated profession females is overwhelming here. They just don't like her and they are voting for Trump. I wish I could say otherwise but I can't. I caution everyone against overconfidence.

I'm a moderate Democrat.



Several elections ago I was

Several elections ago I was told that
Democratic women could run this state if they would just get out and vote.