Another idiotic appointment by the NC GOP

And the forehead smacks continue:

NCCapitol 4:52pm via Web
Former Rep. Dale Folwell, R-Forsyth, to lead Employment Security under Sec. Sharon Decker. #ncga #ncpol

This is beginning to look like a sitcom or a really irritating reality show. You hate children? How about a job running a day-care center! Can't swim? Lifeguard! Allergic to peanuts? A taste-tester at a nut-cluster factory! (Yes, there is such a place, I saw it on PBS the other day). You are ideologically opposed to laid-off workers receiving unemployment benefits? You can run the Employment Security Commission!

This week, Rep. Folwell provided further confirmation of his true (and remarkably extreme) beliefs when he distributed an odd little essay he chose to entitle “Help Wanted.” In it, the lawmaker held forth in a rather jumbled fashion on the issue of unemployment insurance and his apparent belief that such benefits – particularly the extended benefits that have been made available to some of the long-term unemployed during the economic downturn – are responsible for what ails our economy.

At least, that seems to be what he’s saying. Save for an initial section in which he laments the rising unemployment rate, here are the principal “highlights” of the letter:

“The Stimulus distorted the purpose of unemployment benefits. People who lose their jobs through no fault of their own deserve help bridging the gap to new opportunity. No system should encourage people not to work. Now unemployment debt threatens the very people who create jobs in our economy, business owners.

This single example lays open the danger of excessive government spending. Extended unemployment benefits are stealing the initiative of business owners and their employees. Worse yet, it discourages the unemployed from returning to work."

You know, in the run up to the election, I thought McCrory was a lot of things: a "say anything, do nothing" politician in the vein of Richard Burr, a corporate yes-man, an energetic flip-flopper, etc. But I didn't think he was a fucking idiot. These unbelievably inappropriate appointments are making that last thing into a definite.


Conflict of interest seems to attain new meaning under McPope.

Indeed I suspect it is a job requirement.

Perhaps I missed something in my civics class but are there not prohibitions regarding such blatant conflict when employed in the public interest and spending the public dollar? Typically I believe they may be more than opinion as well as being part of the job description. But it could be I recall apocryphal texts.

No problem

Show me the evidence of all these employers with open positions with nobody applying. Then I'll believe that extended unemployment benefits encourage people to not work.

My business is not hiring, but the number of unsolicited resumes and walk-ins asking if we are hiring is higher than ever.


I was hoping McCrory would appoint Bobby Ray Etheridge. I believe this job is the only one to which he has not been appointed. Questionable appointments are always questioned.

It depends on the jobs available

I think we have a number of unemployed people in North Carolina that are waiting for jobs that are paying more than the majority of the jobs that are available in our state currently. It is tough for someone to take a job that pays less than they're getting on unemployment benefits. Yes, there are a lot of jobs out there available but a family of four can't survive on the bread winner making $8.00/hr. For example, Proctor & Gamble announced that it will be hiring around 250 people because of a new addition with starting pay of most of those jobs at around $14/hr. They've been innundated with applications. But, McDonalds and Hardees and Bojangles and Shoe Show and many others have job openings they cannot fill because the pay is too low to be a "living wage".

Unless and until we have far more employment opportunities available at wages that exceed what people on unemployment compensation receive, we will continue to see a need to extend those benefits in our state and all across the nation.