Another Nasty Day in America.

I awoke this morning to the news that it was another nasty day in America. Another shooting. More deaths.

It always hurts me to see any family suffer the death of a family member. (We experienced the death of our daughter and while I will never claim that I 'know how you feel,' about the death of your loved one, at least I have some sense of what has happened.) I was horrified to awake to news of this event. And to hear how closely Dallas police worked with their local community makes it doubly horrible that such an event happened in their town. I am heartbroken for the people of Dallas. Just as I am heartbroken for the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Freddie Grey, Walter Scott, Michael Brown, Eric Garner.... and the over 100 unarmed black Americans were killed by police in 2015.

Once I read that racism built America, and racism would also be the cause of its downfall. I would hate to see that happen. We all have to admit that racism exists, that it is a destructive force, both for our society and our personal characters. We need to look for ways and methods to make the philosophy upon which this country was based an actual reality. All are equal in the eyes of the law. And all need to be equal in the eyes of their fellow citizens, as well.

Racism breeds hate, and hate with access to firearms creates murder. The issue of the flood of firearms must be addressed, in some manner. We have laws being bought by money gifts from firearm producers to our lawmakers, getting those lawmakers to act against the preferences of 92% of their constituents. The Wild West towns we admire in our movies and tv had gun laws. Tombstone, Arizona, put up a billboard at the entrance of town advising those entering that their firearms were to be checked at the sheriff's office on the way into town and could be picked up again when they left. Even way back then, it was realized that youthful good spirits, liquor, testosterone, and guns did not mix well. Those western towns not only wanted a safe place to live, but wanted to grow, wanted investment, and knew that a reputation as a lawless place prevented that. Guns and strong emotions do not go well together. It is long past time for the NRA to give way on this issue. It is time to vote for candidates who will actually do something to keep America from drowning in a sea of bullets.

In these times, all our families need support and consolation, police families and black families.

Feelings do not know color. Neither should fairness.




Is the least we can do. What's harder is knowing what else we can do.