Another NC Senate Democrat bows out

Senator Larry Shaw of Cumberland County announced today that he will not run for reelection:

State Sen. Larry Shaw of Fayetteville announced today this will be his last year in the General Assembly.

The seven-term Democrat said he won't seek re-election, ending speculation for months about his political plans.

"It's time to move on," Shaw said. "It's time to let someone else have a shot at it."

Encouraging this blogger to finally ask the question that's been buzzing his head for some time now: WTF is going on with Democrats in the NC Senate?


What do you make of this scharrison?

Are we seeing a mass exodus by dems around the state and country? If so, is it not just a bit premature to believe that having a "D" in front of your name is kind of a "scarlet letter"?

Do we have that many weak politicians in our party?

Just asking.

I don't know

My paranoid side thinks it's "too much of a coincidence", and there must be some entity/actor pushing them out.

But it could be something as simple as being depressed about the budget. Can't afford new stuff, and must cut some of the old stuff to boot. Not something to look forward to, for sure.

Or, it could be the Dinner Party phenomenon. You know, nobody wants to be the first to leave, because people remember who does and why. But as soon as one couple comes up with a damned good excuse (family member in the hospital, etc.), other couples can use any excuse (water the plants, feed the cat, etc), and make their escape cleanly. ;)

There are Rs retiring too

Senator Shaw is only the most recent of many legislators of both parties to resign or retire this session.

Current count is 5 D open seats and 2 R open state senate seats for Nov 2010. Of course, some seats will have appointed incumbents facing senate elections for the first time (Sen. Blue in Wake County).

Not sure there's a lot to read into it when you see the whole list -- it's fairly bipartisan.


Well, good

You know me, always the pessimist.


I was hoping the GOP could be in charge of redistricting in North Carolina with the census this year.

Don't worry about redistricting

The NC GOP spent the last decade suing and forcing unending redraws.

If it's good enough for the NC GOP to sue without end for no more than political reasons, I'll be happy to return the favor if the GOP takes over.

Additional note: yet another reason to vote carefully for NC Supreme Court and NC Court of Appeals candidates this year. The GOP-controlled NC Supreme Court issued rulings directing redraws in the 2000s.


My thoughts

I'm wondering if these long time Democratic senators are thinking a Dem who is not an incumbent might have a better chance to keep the seat. Some of these men have been there a long time, and citizens are still crying for change.

I'm running for one of the open, currently Republican-held seats, and I'm hoping NOT being an incumbent will work in my favor.


So are we!

Good point. Given all the baggage Democrats have saddled themselves with, you're probably right. Thanks for the visit ... and the comment.

Don't forget to share links so people can find out more about you easily. Readership at BlueNC is growing steadily ... with new people registering every day.

Thank you for standing up

It has bothered me for many years that there seem to be so many unchallenged R-held seats in NC.

Will you share more about yourself?

Completely agree - file in every district

In this environment that conventional wisdom types call "anti-incumbent" no currently R held seat should be without a challenger.

I don't care how deep red the district is, someone needs to file.

Let me remind folks about drunk-driving state GOP Rep. Phillip Frye.

No Democrat stepped up (or was recruited) to challenge him in 2008.

Why is the Democratic party leadership letting this "scandal" item go without a fight as the GOP and the MSM create a scandal narrative against Democrats.

David Young and Speaker Hackney:
Get someone to file up in House District 84!
Counter the NC GOP's chosen narrative with their blatant hypocrisy.
You may not win the district, but you can counter the NC GOP narrative.

Who knows where lightning will strike in other districts this year?

File, file, file!

Background on the Frye incident in 2007:

State Rep. Phillip Frye has been charged with drunk driving.
The Spruce Pine Republican told the Asheville Citizen-Times that he would plead guilty to the charge after hitting a parked car near his home Monday.
When he was arrested, his blood alcohol content was 0.18, more than twice the legal limit.
"I am extremely sorry this event happened," Frye wrote in a statement. "It was the first time in my life, and I assure you it will be the last."
He said he would attend alcohol treatment.


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