Another other

Not a day goes by without GOP leaders spinning their toxic Wheel of Hate in search of someone, anyone, worthy of disdain. For the past century, the wheel has been stuck on Blacks and Women, where it still lands as often as not. Spouting misogynist and racial slurs, Republicans leaders have chosen Women and Blacks as two of the big "others" they can use to divide.

In the past decade, the Wheel of Hate has begun accelerating. Jews are once again in the sights of extremists, with Donald and Ye fawning over Hitler, who would have sterilized West in a heartbeat.. It's hard to understand how any member of the Jewish community can stomach today's Republican party, but plenty of them do. Same as it ever was.

We're also witnessing the emergence of another other. In this case it's people worthy of hate because of their gender identity. Gay, trans, queer, whatever, if any particular person isn’t a heterosexual, they should be crushed. Maybe it's your brother or sister, maybe your best friend. Maybe it's your aunt or uncle, maybe your own child.

That ugliness reared its head in Moore County yesterday when an act of political violence sabotaged the county's electrical grid. Whether those responsible were actively protesting LGBTQ rights or not, the linking of the attacks to threats against a local drag show are more than worrisome. The FBI is involved.