Another Step Backward

It looks like the utility companies are having a banner year as far as manipulating Public policy. We're about to strip the budget from the State Energy Office, so instead of funding research into the things we really need like Solar, Wind and other renewables, they're going to be wandering around changing light bulbs:

The Senate's proposed budget contains no state money this year for the SEO's grant work. Many of those grants go to three university energy programs—N.C. Solar Center in Raleigh, Appalachian State and N.C. A&T.

Shirley argues that without state funds, there would be no comprehensive resource for energy policymakers or citizens.

"The greatest concern [about the proposal] is the fragmentation of services and lack of leadership," Shirley says.

In addition to the loss of focus on research the shrinking of this important office will cause, they will also be less able to monitor the success of the energy efficiency promises of the utilities.

Is this merely an artifact of budget constraints, or is there something more sinister at work here?

However, while lawmakers make policy, the utilities have enormous influence over it, hiring cavalcades of lobbyists and doling out political contributions. Two senate Democrats behind the SEO provision (they didn't return calls or emails seeking comment), John Kerr and David Hoyle, received thousands of dollars from utilities in the 2006 election cycle. According to state campaign finance records, Hoyle received $3,500 from Duke Energy executives, including $2,000 from CEO Jim Rogers, and $8,000 from Progress. Kerr raked in $3,000 from Duke and another $1,000 from Progress.

"My suspicion is the utilities view the SEO as somewhat of a threat," says Tim Toben, the force behind Greenbridge, a green housing development in Chapel Hill. "In the state we are moving pretty quickly from nuclear and coal to a new and healthier clean energy scheme. The utilities aren't comfortable with the pace of awareness moving through North Carolina."

And so, another progressive and forward-looking entity is marginalized and defunded, and we are left to rely more and more on the judgment of the utility companies.

Sounds like some e-mails need to be sent...


Yet another reason to keep

the temporary taxes in place.

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

The Answer:

Solutions for Energy and Solid Waste Bills are available from Avant News - "Tomorrow's News Today". Just subsitute Utility and Waste Industry Executives for Oil Executives in " Oil Exec Sequestration May Provide Answer to Global Warming" Exerpt:

Dr. Derrick said the plan would require "the annual capture, collection and sequestration of specific carbon-based life forms, including between 200 and 500 oil industry executives, lobbyists and political hacks and cronies, in a 5000-foot deep chasm far below the earth's surface."

"The concept is similar to that of the tobacco industry," Dr. Derrick said. "People get addicted to tobacco, which kills consumers, so what do you do? You nail the tobacco companies. People everywhere are addicted to oil, which is killing our planet, so the same reasoning applies."

"Our analysts estimate the sequestration procedure should be quite simple to implement using either 'gloves-off' coercive methods of the kind advocated by former Vice President Cheney, or by simply placing common oil industry 'bait', such as hookers, bribes, kickbacks and malt whisky, down in the chasm. Most execs will simply follow their noses, then we seal the lid. After, of course, extracting the hookers."

The power companies

are asking what is wrong with that?

so instead of funding research into the things we really need like Solar, Wind and other renewables, [SEO] is going to be wandering around changing light bulbs

It is sad that an oversite entity is defunded to uselessness when we need this organization fully engaged.

Not sure how much money is needed to get elected to state senate but if you need to have big business supporting you, that tells me these folks are weak and are not there to represent me or the people.

Preception is everything. These two folks and anyone who accepts donations from folks to be put into a position where they can then dictate what controls are inacted for or against those people is wrong.

I know that is the bottom line of politics. However, if you dont play by these rules, you cant get into the game. If your not in the game, you cannot fix it. If it cannot be fixed, this crap continues.

In another thread, it was stated that a NC politician gets $13,000/year yet folks spend how much to get elected to those jobs? If you dont spend that kind of money, people will not respect you or take you seriously. If you spend that kind of money to get elected, how many deals to the devil did you make that you will have to payback at some time?