Another way to look at the poverty figures....

This morning's headlines in the Wilmington Star-News trumpeted a US Census report that over 43 million US citizens (and goodness knows how many non-citizens) are living at or below the federally defined poverty level.

Think of it this way: This is equivalent to everyone in these 23 states plus the District of Columbia living in poverty.

State Population
Oklahoma 3,687,050
Connecticut 3,518,288
Iowa 3,007,856
Mississippi 2,951,996
Arkansas 2,889,450
Kansas 2,818,747
Utah 2,784,572
Nevada 2,643,085
New Mexico 2,009,671
West Virginia 1,819,777
Nebraska 1,796,619
Idaho 1,545,801
New Hamp 1,324,575
Maine 1,318,301
Hawaii 1,295,178
Rhode Island 1,053,209
Montana 974,989
Delaware 885,122
South Dak 812,383
Alaska 698,473
North Dak 646,844
Vermont 621,760
District Col 599,657
Wyoming 544,270

I think this helps put a face to the impersonal "14.3%" of the population.

What a travesty...and some of the schmucks in Congress are saying "get a job?" What job? The local IHOP has a waiting list of over 80 people hoping to get a job as a waitress.

If this isn't a wake-up call, I don't know what is.


According to the Census

the average family size in America is 3.14 people, and the poverty guideline for a family of three is @ $18,000 a year. For a family of four it moves up to @$22,000.

Stan Bozarth


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