Another wind energy project for Eastern NC

We could be looking at a bumper crop of wind turbines:

A utility based in Chicago is proposing an 80-megawatt wind farm in eastern North Carolina. The company Invenergy sent an application to state officials last week for a facility with 49 turbines at a site in Beaufort County. Jay Lucas is an engineer with the state Utilities Commission. He says an 80-megawatt farm could power 20,000 homes, depending on wind capacity.

Wind energy could end up being Eastern North Carolina's economic savior, and the NCUC should fast-track these applications as much as humanly possible.


Agreed. It would be great if NC could lead the nation in

something other than trashing education. I have to admit though that I initially thought that this post might have something to do with Tillis, Stam and/or Hood yapping about one of their pet initiatives. :)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?