Anti-abortion group housed in county facility

Having a root doctor hang up his sign would be more appropriate:

Smith frequently speaks to male and female students in local schools about practical ways they can say ‘no’ to sex. She said she will offer some of that same guidance to anyone who seeks her input. If someone wants to talk to her about pregnancy or abortion, Smith said she will feel the situation out.

Meaning, if she detects the possibility the girl may be prone to manipulation, she'll start feeding her several lines of bullshit until one takes:

Smith said she would discuss the medical and emotional dangers of abortion. But she will take a passive approach to it.

Of course you'll take a passive approach to it. It's the best way to deceive somebody.

Just to see what (other) wisdom might be imparted by this (cough) medical professional, here's some long-term planning:

They say we will look like idiots 25 years from now for having voted for marriage defined as one man and one woman. Without the bedrock foundation of marriage for this society, we won’t exist 25 years from now. Why worry?

You won't have to wait 25 years for that. I think you're an idiot right now.


This is part of a long saga.

This is part of a long saga. The GCHD secured funding to renovate the clinic but accepting the funding required county commissioner approval. The CPC (which tends to be rather threatening in that county) lobbied Philllbeck and others to reject the renovation money unless outside groups could go in.