Apodaca's fraud and abuse of "local bill" requirements



Shifting the balance of power

Apodaca and his Republican co-horts will use any tool available to increase their party's influence, and creative map-making has become their tool of choice. If this was really about giving the people better representation, Apodaca would gladly put this in front of those people for a referendum. But it's not, and a referendum is exactly the opposite of what he wants. What he wants is a City Council that *doesn't* represent the City's demographics, which is a direct attempt to undermine democracy.

(c) is a lie, too

I think there are two local Representatives (and maybe a Senator) who are adamantly against this bill.

They should read these statements outloud in Session and see how many lawmakers object. I know, the Bergermeister would never allow something so honest...

(b) the bill is non-controversial

Maybe you need to go back to bill writing class or law school or whatever nest you supposedly hatched from. Anytime a politician says it "isn't" it more that likely is.