April Fools Day Strike

The many shortcomings of Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory and the GOP in Raleigh have been on full display this week, revealing a level of partisan arrogance that is breathtaking in its range and reach. And in case it's not abundantly clear, trying to reason with these assholes is a complete waste of time and energy.

We are in new territory where business as usual from the loyal opposition won't cut it. We need to escalate the challenge with a growing drumbeat of public action that forces the Pope regime to understand who really holds the power in North Carolina. And that, my friends, would be you.

To get the ball rolling, I propose a statewide strike on Monday, April 1, 2013, across all public and private sector workers, with a massing of people in key locations across the state in satirical tribute to the Fools in Raleigh. Teachers, university employees, transit workers, garbage collectors, police officers, you name it. Let's all take a sick day to express our disgust with Governor Pope and his toxic regime.


Eight weeks

The next eight weeks in Raleigh promise to be a bottom-feeding frenzy of arrogance and power lust. If destroying one of the finest university systems in the nation isn't sufficient to get you pissed off, how about cutting taxes on millionaires and using poor people to make up the difference? Or how about siphoning taxpayer dollars off to enrich private school operators? Or how about giving Duke Energy free rein to trash our air and water? Or how about paying Pope Puppets to operate a shadow government without any public accountability?

If these things don't piss you off, if these things don't move you to action, then you deserve every slimy stream "trickling down" from the Pope administration's libertarian wet dream.

The first step

is going to have to be taken sooner or later...