Are charter schools the mercenaries in GOP war on public schools?

Great write-up over at NC Policywatch:

Arapahoe Charter School currently serves students in grades K-9, but director Tom McCarthy wants his school to serve students through the 12th grade, even though the local school district presented a report to the State Board of Education detailing how Arapahoe’s expansion would destroy their lone public high school. Glazier also pointed to the fact that the bill undermines the State Board of Education’s ability to deal with cases in which a charter school’s expansion would negatively impact a local school district. “Charter schools are not supposed to be in conflict with public schools, they are supposed to be a part of public schools,” said Glazier.

Supposition is the result of people concealing their true intent with misleading language. You seldom get what you pay for when that happens, and sometimes you get the exact opposite:

The latest version of the bill, including changes made by a conference committee composed of Senate and House members, also includes relaxed regulations for charter schools. Currently, 75 percent of elementary charter school teachers must have certification, while 50 percent of middle and high school charter schools must be certified.

The bill would drop that percentage down to requiring that just 25 percent of all charter school teachers be certified.

Tillman has previously explained that he wants to relax teacher certification requirements because he wants those with advanced professional degrees, such as pharmacists or doctors, to be able to teach in a charter school without having to deal with the licensure process.

That makes absolutely no sense. There were already slots for non-certified teachers that the handful of interested doctors could pursue, if they were actually pursuing such. The net result from this will be a substantial drop in average academic quality in charter schools, which is the real intent of this change. Pay them less, more profits jingling in the pockets.

Who pays for all this craziness? The children and the taxpayers, of course.