The Art Pope boycott continues

NC teachers calls for re-energizing the boycott of Art Pope's store. Good timing.

The North Carolina Association of Educators is calling on shoppers to boycott stores owned by conservative powerbroker Art Pope this holiday season. The teachers are targeting stores in Pope's Variety Wholesalers retail chain, which includes Roses and Maxway, in response to what they call his "anti-public education" policies.

The flier announcing the boycott, which launched November 28, reads:

Conservative, anti-public school businessman Art Pope owns Variety Wholesalers, Inc., the umbrella company for the 8 stores listed. His profits fund anti-public education political candidates and supports anti-public education initiatives that include vouchers, reduced investment in public education, merit pay schemes, and the elimi- nation of professional development programs for educators.

Support the NCAE holiday season boycott.


Good on NCAE

and good on James for his leadership on this issue. I encourage all readers to join the boycott and SPREAD THE WORD!!

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?