Art Pope candidate forces runoff in non-partisan Supreme Court race against Dem on Court

The News and Observer reports on a surprise for the May primaries. State Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson - one of only two Democrats on the state's highest court - thought she was only going to have one challenger for her seat.

One of only two Democrats on the seven-member court, Hudson assumed she would be facing a general challenge in the fall from Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge Eric Levinson, a Republican. But near the end of the filing period, a second opponent emerged, Jeanette Doran.

“She came out of nowhere,” Hudson said.

Doran is a former general counsel and executive director at the N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law, a group backed by Art Pope, the state budget director and a leading funder of conservative groups and candidates. Doran was appointed to chair the board of review at the stat Division of Employment Security where she handles appeals of unemployment compensation claims.

State law requires that if there are more than two candidates, the field has to be whittled down to two in the May primaries. Of course, turnout for Repbublicans is expected to be higher for the primary elections, with the wide range of Tea Bagger candidates vying to go up against Kay Hagan.


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I have to disagree with this part

BlueNC readers might recall that Republicans used the same tactic with Amendment One, ensuring that the vote on the constitutional amendment was scheduled during a primary race when higher Republican turnout was expected, rather than the general election where Obama supporters would turn out.

The date of the Amendment One vote was not by Republican design, but by Democratic design.

Former Rep. Bill Owens and other conservative Democrats that the GOP House needed to pass a constitutional amendment (the House GOP didn't have the numbers to do so on their own that 2011-12 session), made a deal to vote for the amendment if it was held in May instead of Nov 2012 in a vain attempt to save Democratic hides in the general election.

Selling out their base failed the Democrats miserably then -- as it has every time they have done it.

(Feel free to delete this post if you want since the original thread is updated. My apologies if I derailed the thread. The handling of Amendment One really bothers me.)


You are correct

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