Art Pope in the news again. BlueNC, too.

Art Pope is in the news again, this time telling lies about me, BlueNC, and alleged threats he received. It all goes back to several years ago, when I mused that some people could get so frustrated with politics that they might resort to violence. Pope, who has friends in high places, took those musings personally and asked the Wake County District Attorney's office to check me out. The matter was dropped in minutes, as a complaint without merit.

Now Pope is using his paranoid delusions to make the case that the world is such a scary place that big donors like him and the Koch brothers should be shielded from public disclosure.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation claims that their wealthy donors have been harassed because of their membership. So far, the defense has limited testimony to Koch brother associates with close ties to the nonprofit. Deputy Attorney General Alexandra Gordon has argued that there is little evidence of actual harm to foundation donors.

"We're nowhere close to that," Gordon told the Ninth Circuit at a hearing last year. "We have basically some anecdotal evidence of threats, mostly arising from the founders of this foundation, the Koch brothers' very public presence and very public events held by the foundation. That has nothing to do with whether this type of disclosure requirement is actually going to lead to harm."

Pope begged to differ on Wednesday. He said he'd received death threats and had considered quitting the foundation because he was worried about his family's safety and the adverse effect of protests outside his North Carolina stores. A blogger on the progressive website BlueNC wrote that he was "thinking assassination" in a post about Pope showed to the court.

Pope said he took the threat seriously enough that he called authorities, who declined to charge the blogger after concluding that he did not pose a threat. But Pope said his family did not rest any easier. "I was still concerned he would go off the deep end and do something or someone else would do something," Pope testified.

If I were Art Pope, I might be worried that someone else would do something, too, but not because of disclosure requirements. When you spend your life buying elections and exploiting people who have been crushed into poverty, there's no telling who you might piss off. However, I am a dedicated pacifist. I have never threatened Art Pope and never would. I feel nothing but sadness for him and his wasted life.


PS I must point out that one of Pope's minions, Dallas Woodhouse, did call my house to threaten me personally several years ago. He said he would come here and kick my ass. I figured he was just drunk again. To my knowledge.



It would be funny if it weren't so sad

Poor guy. You'd think he'd be hunkering down inside his Raleigh fortress, afraid to go out on the streets for fear of death. But no, he's not hunkering down. He's jet-setting around, perjuring himself in court, spinning tales of woe that might help him stay behind the Puppetmaster's curtain.

He can't be that scared

Seriously, traveling all the way to Cally Fornia and testifying in open court about his undying love for Charles and David has done more to expose his involvement in their plots than everything we've written so far, and that's saying a lot.

IMO, it's efforts like this, to keep big-money donors a secret, which will eventually force the collapse of Citizens United.

We bloggers are such dangerous people

I'm just a giggling over the fact that Art Pope will be rendered impotent over the coming years. You have done more to expose his network and the strings he pulls than anyone else in North Carolina and apparently he just can't stand it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Speaking of assassination

Look what Lindsay Graham supposedly said about Ted Cruz:

“If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.” -- Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Maybe Art Pope should press charges against Graham for threatening a US Senator?

Nothing would make me more giddy ...

... than seeing Pope's whole machine get discredited in the way it deserves to be.

I want to see newspaper editors laughing in the face of Pope cronies at his stinktanks when they want to publish an op-ed, telling them that their readers aren't interested in Pope's lies and distortions.

I want to see university administrators turning down Pope's donations, telling him his name and the names of his foundations have been so discredited with the public they would be a laughingstock if they named a building after him or set up one of his "centers".

I want to see parents telling Art Pope in public that he's responsible for their kids getting a shitty education.

I want to see NC citizens telling Art Pope to his face that his backing of hate candidates has made this state an embarrassment to the whole country.

I don't want to see Art Pope dead - I want to see him thoroughly embarrassed, ostracized, and humiliated for everything he and the GOP have done to this state.

Nothing would please me more than seeing the same thing he's done to fair-minded moderate and progressive people in North Carolina being done to him. He deserves no less.

I think you could handle

I think you could handle Dallas ( in a purely defensive way of course, you being a pacifist and all), even if he were sober.

I'm a moderate Democrat.