Is Art Pope headed to the Koch brothers retreat?

Anyone keeping an eye on Art Pope's upcoming schedule or the schedule of some of his representatives?

The Koch brothers are holding their upcoming big retreat on April 28 and 29th. Pope, if you'll recall is the second biggest donor to the Koch's Americans for Prosperity. He's showed up at the strategy meeting in previous years.

Mother Jones has a leaked email containing an outline of the topics they'll be looking at.

According to a previously unpublished preview of the April 28-29 gathering, the Kochs will unveil a new plan to recruit and train political candidates who will advance their free-market worldview. Another priority is improving the conservative movement's outreach to "growing demographics" such as Latinos, young people, and women. The preview, obtained by Mother Jones, was emailed to attendees in March by Kevin Gentry, a top Koch aide. (A Koch spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment about Gentry's email.)

Any flies on the wall in Palm Springs like to give us a little report on some of the idle talk going on there? Perhaps a photo or two of Pope - now an appointed public official - hanging out with his free market TeaBagger fraternity bros? Or is Pope just phoning in his greetings this year?

A big agenda item for the retreat will be a "post mortem" on the elections. Americans for Prosperity wasn't too successful in the Presidential or Congressional races, but did get their way in state races like North Carolina. I would imagine strategies used in NC and other TeaBagger influenced states will be talked about.

I can't imagine Pope not showing up to gloat.