Art Pope intimidation backfires again

In the tradition of corporate bully Titan Cement, Art Pope likes to throw his money and considerable weight around in North Carolina. His latest move, covered earlier here, is an exercise in extreme projection. Many believe that Art Pope's Puppetshow organizations have long violated both the letter and spirit of election laws, and should have their non-profit status revoked.

The irony of Mr. Pope's legal attacks on progressive non-profits, including the Institute for Southern Studies, must not go unnoticed. Which is why I was so pleased to receive an email from ISS this weekend using Pope's attack as a fundraising hook.

Read all about it below, and if you're able, please contribute to help these good people put Mr. Pope in his place.

When the Institute for Southern Studies started exposing shadow moneymen like Art Pope who are shoveling millions of dollars into politics, at first they tried to sweep our investigations under the rug. Then they tried to blow it off as a joke. Now they realize we're dead serious about exposing the threat of Big Money to our democracy - and they're going on the attack.

Last week, in a desperate publicity stunt, the Art Pope-backed N.C. GOP filed a baseless complaint to the IRS to try and silence our fearless investigations. But I have a message for them: They can't silence us. We will not be intimidated. And with your help today, we can grow even stronger - and win.

And just in case you missed it, Art Pope has his very own website dedicated to celebrating his extreme magnificence. I don't know whether he pays people to write this kind of crap, but if he does, he should be embarrassed.