Art Pope ties teacher raises to budget cuts

No good deed goes without punishing others:

State Budget Director Art Pope has told state agencies he wants their 2014-15 spending proposals to be at least 2 percent less than what the General Assembly allocated for next year in the two-year budget approved in 2013. He says savings may go toward salary increases.

This has become standard procedure for Republican leaders in Congress; to make much-needed and often humanitarian spending contingent upon cuts elsewhere. It's a disgusting tactic, which actually serves two purposes: it pits government employees against each other, so they're less likely to be sympathetic to each others' needs, and it also allows the budget-cutter to distance himself from the responsibility for his actions. Or so he thinks. In reality, it sends a very clear message: he has nothing but contempt for all those affected.


Pay close attention to words like "may"

Because they "may" be used against you when promises aren't kept.


Fuck you, Mr. Pope. You are a blight on society.

What he said

Art Pope is neither elected nor does he possess a shred of the ethical character traits necessary for someone to wield this much control over public resources.

It might be best termed as a bloodless coup, if there weren't so many people suffering.

How libertarian of him

Pitting employees and divisions against each other is a tactic used by a prominent CEO.

We see how this libertarian idea. worked out for Sears.

Crazy Eddie has been one of America’s most vocal advocates of discredited free-market economics, so obsessed with Ayn Rand he could rattle off memorized passages of her novels. As Mina Kimes explained in a fascinating profile in Bloomberg Businessweek, Lampert took the myth that humans perform best when acting selfishly as gospel, pitting Sears company managers against each other in a kind of Lord of the Flies death match. This, he believed, would cause them to act rationally and boost performance.


Instead of enhancing Sears’ bottom line, the heads of various divisions began to undermine each other and fight tooth and claw for the profits of their individual fiefdoms at the expense of the overall brand. By this time Crazy Eddie was completely in thrall to his own bloated ego, and fancied he could bend underlings to his will by putting them through humiliating rituals, like annual conference calls in which unit managers were forced to bow and scrape for money and resources. But the chaos only grew.

Lampert took to hiding behind a pen name and spying on and goading employees through an internal social network. He became obsessed with technology, wasting resources on developing apps as Sears’ physical stores became dilapidated and filthy. Instead of investing in workers and developing useful products, he sold off valuable real estate, shuttered stores, and engineered stock buybacks in order to manipulate stock prices and line his own pockets.

Hmm .... It does sound a bit like what's happening in the McCrony-Pope administration, doesn't it?

Gov Pope's Libertarism is nothing But 1% Corporate Fascism

"Real Libertarism" hates Corporate Wall Street 1% Types like Brother Pope.........

There is many shades of Liberetarism with many phony movements of it.. True Libertarism is anti-War, anti-Wall Street, Individual choices that don't affect the life, liberty and the personal property of other citizens by the force of a Police State Agenda as the weapon of choice against it own Citizens..

On the subject of teacher pay ...

All you friends of education ... please consider signing this petition concerning teacher pay and spread the word.

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