Art Pope's favorite new tool: John Tedesco

Art Pope envisions remaking North Carolina in the image of Dollar Stores and Maxway. His plan includes meddling in non-partisan school board elections, installing puppets like John Tedesco to trash public education. Steve Ford, editorial page editor at the N&O, nails it.

Tedesco elaborated at length in the questionnaire as to why he was running. "NOW is the time for our party to capitalize on the energy of our families and their distaste for a failed system to rebuild our brand in Wake County," he said. His top issue: "The forced redistribution of children - busing, reassignment, and mandatory year-round assignments. Parental and Community Support."

Beware of the Puppetmaster.


"Rebuilding our brand"

I know a thing or two about branding. From what I can see, the new positioning statement Tedesco is working on would look something like this:

The Republic Party in North Carolina is the choice of privilege, arrogance and incompetence. It delivers top performance for those seeking to privatize government services, reestablish racial segregation and shred the public safety net. It's core brand values are domination and fanaticism. The Republic Party in North Carolina is for whites only.