Art Pope's voter suppression crusade

Supposed Libertarian on a mission to undermine voting rights:

The local elections board, which is controlled by a Republican majority, sided with Gilbert, and last week issued an order barring King from the ballot. The Durham, N.C.-based Southern Coalition for Social Justice has filed an appeal with the state elections board, saying the ruling violates equal protection provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Gilbert, who told the Associated Press that he plans to "take this show on the road," did not come to the Pasquotank elections board hearing alone: Sitting next to him was Susan Myrick, an elections analyst with the John W. Pope Civitas Institute.

The Puppetmaster has been working on several pet projects for years, but he seems to have a special place in his greedy heart for stifling the voting rights of the young, poor and brown. Hat tip to Facing South for chronicling the mind-bending madness:

Over the past five years, with Pope and his money at the helm, Civitas and the John Locke Foundation published more than 50 articles, op-eds and blog posts warning of voter fraud and using the alleged threat to call for a strict photo ID law, an end to same-day registration, and a shorter early voting period.

Some stories in Pope-connected publications took a more measured approach to promoting fear of fraud. "Realistically, voter ID requirements are an insurance policy against the possibility that an extremely close election might be stolen by voter fraud," John Locke Foundation President John Hood wrote in a December 2012 article in Carolina Journal, the organization's flagship publication.

Pope and his network also generously supported the 2010 election to the state House of Bill Cook, a Republican who is now a state senator representing the northeastern North Carolina coastal district that's home to Elizabeth City State University. In the 2010 cycle, Cook benefited from over $79,000 in outside support from Pope-backed groups, as well as $16,000 in direct campaign contributions from Pope and his family. Running for state Senate two years later, Cook was helped by over $9,700 in expenditures by Americans for Prosperity, winning by just 21 votes.

Compare and contrast the last two paragraphs above, and I think you'll figure out what the real threat to Democracy is.


coordinated misinformation

Steve links to it above but I wanted to provide another link to the full investigation:

The piece summarizes how:

  1. Pope's organizations promoted fear and misinformation
  2. Pope provided a voice to voting restriction extremism
  3. Pope funded GOP lawmakers involved in advancing voting restrictions and help the GOP win control of NC

Thanks, Jerimee

ISS continues to raise the bar on the compilation and analysis of the facts surrounding the war against Democracy in general and Art Pope's substantial influence in specific. We would be much less-informed without them.