Asshat of the week

In her ongoing mission to prove she's crazier than Michele Bachmann, serial liar NC's own Sue Myrick takes on the Muslim Brotherhood, stirring up fear about developments in a country halfway around the world. Too bad she can't seem to focus her paranoid little mind on the country she's responsible for governing.


More on the MB

Any group called a "brotherhood" is a non-starter from my point of view, but just to say it, my point of view doesn't matter in Egypt. Nor does Sue Myrick's. And given her record, I doubt that countering the global oppression of women is at the top of Sad Sue's list for political reforms.

From what I can see, the MB looks a lot like a brown version of the Tea Party.

While no fan of the MB

Yeah, the Egyptian MB is better than they were, but still not people I would want to deal with. However, they have been widely reported as not only a minority in the protests now, but as not even supporting them at all at first. So, classic, Myrick, position is a non-starter but OMG someone said "Muslim". Panic!

This post on a blog of one of the protesters in Cairo is the perfect response to Myrick.


Thanks for the link. Interesting dialogue that confirms my strong belief that the separation between church and state is THE essential foundation of democracy. We have our own "brotherhood" right here in North Carolina, led by Paul Stam and the Teabaggers ... hell bent on turning public institutions into agencies for their religious indoctrination.