Asshats of the century


Just caught this Tweet

JTS72 8:11pm via Twitter for BlackBerry® RT @janetwardblack: Limits on damages in med mal pass #ncga wo exceptions - even blindness, paralysis or death. Protecting wrongdoers at expense of the innocent

David Parker and the NCDP need to stand up for Democratic Party principles, and pledge to not give a dime to the campaign coffers of NCGA Dems who vote to override the Governor's Vetoes. Period.

It's sick


These jerks need to be primaried

The idiots are too dumb to be in the General Assembly - as Democrats.

The same NCDP officials need to pledge not to give a dime

to the Democrats who voted to override the veto of HB 854, or "The Woman's Right to Know Act". Naming Conventions aside, this law makes it more difficult for women to obtain a legal medical procedure.

I agree, wholeheartedly

I'm getting ready to put up a diary on this.