Assignment for reporters: Explain and graph the McCrory administration like this

Attention NC newspaper reporters and editors: here's an opportunity for you to serve the public interest.

The NY Times published a piece today that you should look at, describing the day to day workings of the Christie administration in New Jersey, identifying the key players and how the politics of the governor's office in the state works.

It's a model for reporting that goes beyond the "who/what/when/where" of what passes for most news these days to explore "how" and "why".

While we gets dribs and drabs about this public appearance or that scandal happening in Raleigh, I would like to see someone give this kind of in-depth explanation of the McCrory administration's key players. The only thing lacking are pop-up boxes and sidebars that give more information about the background of each person.

Any enterprising reporters up for the challenge?