Back door redistricting scam

Lifted from a comment by Todd

Tucked into a corner of the budget is this little gem: Republican budget writers slipped a provision into the budget moving the authority to seek approval for VRA pre-clearance of the new maps from Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) to a GOP-controlled legislative study committee. This way, the GOP can pick the venue for VRA pre-clearance of the redistricting plans.

Under current NC law, state Attorney Geneneral Cooper would seek VRA pre-clearance from the Department of Justice. Now if that DOJ was under a Republican president, like it was in 2001, and 1991, and 1981, and 1971, well that would be okey-dokey with the NC GOP.

But with the (black) Kenyan-born, (black) Muslim, (black) socialist, (black) anti-American, (black) alien President's appointees running the DOJ, the GOP can't get all the presents they want under the redistricting Christmas tree in 2011.

Their preferred (Santa) venue - the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. A court with 6 Republican-appointed judges, 3 Democrat-appointed judges, and 2 vacancies.


All the more reason to veto


Isn't pre-clearance either

Isn't pre-clearance either with the DOJ or a three-judge panel of the D.C. district court?

The DC District Court is considerably more Democratic than the court of appeals.

Even if I'm right, it doesn't make this any less an attempt to undermine the role of the DOJ, but at least the odds of a good panel draw are more in our favor.

I could have misunderstood Senator Nesbitt

in his press conference. DC Distrct Court could be it.

I listened again and Nesbitt does say DC Circuit Court.