Basketball, Campaign Finance Reform, and the Cosmic Cantina; Durham Has it All

There are times when I feel a great deal of pride in my humble hometown of Durham, North Carolina. In the past, that pride has stemmed from the city's institutions, from the wide availability of fantastic Mexican food to our leading recycled object-based amusement centers, and even our renowned hospitals and medical research. Today I once again feel a surge of pride, this time because the city of Medicine is now in the vanguard of campaign finance reform. Yesterday, the Durham city council passed a resolution calling for the North Carolina legislature and Governor's office to pass legislation allowing larger towns like Durham to institute voter-owned election programs. For those that haven't heard, voter-owned elections are a system of campaign financing designed to fix the problems of the current system of campaign financing wherein people with billions and billions of dollars finance the bulk of political campaigns and expect god-knows-what in return. In this system, viable candidates receive and are limited to public campaign funding, making them answerable only to the electorate. The town of Chapel Hill already has a similar program, but larger towns like Durham still lack the authority. I urge all reading this to do what you can to advocate for voter-owned elections in Durham and everywhere else. Ownership of our democracy is finally within our grasp.



Sideline post here about the Raleigh/Durham area

This Easter, my family from California/Arizona/Mississippi came to our home in Rockingham County. The visit was wonderful. One thing that seemed to be universal among them is that they knew exactly where Raleigh/Durham was in North Carolina and about what was going on in the Triangle. That area is famous nationally for many reasons, least of which being Duke and the medical center there. But, the technology and cutting-edge managerial and technological advances that come from there..right here in our state..are well known. It makes me proud to be a North Carolinian.