Be safe this weekend, all

Just on the outside chance someone has not seen the weather forecast for the next few days for our beautiful state, we've got a good amount of snow coming in. Oh, and check out the forecast for Christmas eve! Could we have a "White Christmas"?

Can I say "Christmas" here? :)

Everyone drive careful!


I have a college sophomore

Flying into RDU Saturday night. Could be an exciting time!


There cannot fail to be more kinds of things, as nature grows further disclosed. - Sir Francis Bacon

Have a great trip

Drive safely. And, hopefully Sharrison will not have to battle the white stuff in his travels and will have a safe time at home during the holidays.

I hope so, too,

but my luck with weather conditions has been nothing to write home about. I've had to drive along the (Appalachian) mountains in a hurricane and two snowfalls, but maybe my luck will change when I go back to work tomorrow. And since I'll probably be driving during the Christmas weekend, I hope we don't have a white Christmas this year. ;)